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forgein friends!

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I love to do signs.
And I know you'd love to make signs
FOR ME! >=3


║(o)║♥ i love music
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her Stalkerz O;


Her Muzic ;P

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Dear Santa, this is all she want for christmas:

xx-iiR A V E-xx

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Registered: 02/23/2008

Gender: Female

Location: Candy Land :D

Birthday: 05/19/1990

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I want Signs from you to me! And I'll return the love with signs from me to you, I don't give a ******** if I dun know you!! <3 iflu anyways~!
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N A M E: Just call me Pokemon or CosaUser Image
A G E: thriteen turning fourteen
Blowing the Candles on May 19
S T A T U S: taken by a male
O C C U P A T I O N?: .... Screw that

L I K Es:
Random people
Beer ;P
my ******** cousins!
Avi art
Extasy {yes the drug!}

D I S L I K E S:
Smokers.... I don't want 2 die from second hand smoke guys!
People who hate me ^u^
I don't have many friends, since I'm not really popular with ghettos.
But the ones I have r amazing!
<--- them _____♥.٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥ﺎ ٱц

Normal people scare me...

No I don't have A.D.D or bipolar although some people say I do. I'm just random... Or at least I have many things to say. And if I don't say it, I will forget about it. All my ideas, I always have to tell someone. mmmm, Well not everyone just my sisters boyfriend. Why? Because he's fun to bother! hahaha, if she's reading this then I'm screwed. xD Yeah anyways I don't have bipolar or A.D.D

my name's valeria and i'm thirteen years old. i'm not specail, i'm not unique, i'm just like everyone in this boring world. i have a bitchy twin sister, and bitchy mom and dad. i don't date anyone that's older then 16. i like finding the meaning of things even if there isn't one... i'll make one up,gosh! >.>;; reading isn't my things anymore, it's boring. but i will read interesting qoutes and stuff. i don't like thinking about the future, i like to focus on what's happening around me. when i'm tired and bored i'll be random and fund.... and i'm pretty much always tired and bored. i don't have a bestfriend and i wouldn't want one anyways. i have very good friends, just none of them that fit me well. i just go off at random topic so be cautious!. i wear what i want without caring about everyone else. i do very so called "extreme" stuff.... not literally i just cut my hair by myself. if you don't like my hair then ******** it. hate me? i'll hate you back. love me? then i'll love you back <3! i don't know what i want to be when i grow up, but i want it to be exciting! i have no life, that's why i'm here.
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If you love me, I'll love you ♥

If you hate me, I'll laugh and hate you back ☺ User Image
Don't talk before knowing. . .
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Hit my up on:
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User Image VvaLERiia
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Camara Whore b***h!

I'll FedEx you my love and hopefull, I hope you sign for my heart. And hopefully you'll realize what's going on between me and you.

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Avi Art

Made By Reixox
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Made By Phychedelic_Freak
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Made By Me
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Made By marisa!
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Made By naruto-saskai-sakura
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