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Sylveon Darling Report | 06/12/2012 8:00 am
Sylveon Darling
happy b-day
Sylveon Darling Report | 09/09/2011 7:30 pm
Sylveon Darling
lol ur welcome and thanks.
Sylveon Darling Report | 09/06/2011 2:46 pm
Sylveon Darling
Hi! cool profile
xX ForGotten_Teddy Xx Report | 08/14/2011 4:03 am
xX ForGotten_Teddy Xx
offcc x))))) heart heart heart
xX ForGotten_Teddy Xx Report | 08/06/2011 9:51 am
xX ForGotten_Teddy Xx
hi CHRISS !!! xDDD
lmao XD

Meh x3

biggrin sooh i Rlly dnt kno wut to write xp so ummh ... well my real name is chris .... and .. uhhh rolleyes well i cand be sumtimes a lil wierd annoyng nd stuff like dat but rlly im a nice guy 4laugh n stuff like dat so yea ... pirate
xX ForGotten_Teddy Xx
xX ForGotten_MeeP Xx
chris is here again

DUn mess wid Meh!

DUn Mess Wid UsH!

Shes an Awzumm gurl , ik her irl x3 ^_^

lolololol xD