My name is Lianne, (Lee-Ann) Don't screw it up, children :]
I'm 14 years of age, and lovin' it.
My birthday isn't important. ;D
I'm tall, like really really tall. I use to hate it but..I don't now? lol
I'm a blondie! And I love it! So..neh! Ehehehe!
Ima blue-eyed beauty as well ^^
I am very friendly and outgoing.
I like to meet new people.
Don't be shy to talk to me! I'm not shy to talk to you! =p
I'm talented at masking my emotions.
My pride is a b***h.
I do not give up, ever! >:]
I don't like to seek hep either. It makes me feel weak.
I try not to care what people think of me but, it doesn't always work...
Zero attention span!
I like to laugh and I like to make others laugh too.
I also like to be happy when I did something good.
But I love to feel like s**t when I screwed up.
You would frown upon some things I do.
I dislike really nice people. With a passion. >.<
If you mess with my friends, I'll make you eat your own friggin tongue.
I do not trust people easily.
I cause fights! Na-na-na-na-na! Ehehehe!
I'm incredibly stubborn.
I say 'I forgive you' but most of the time, I don't.
I'm a very selfish person.
I'm an oddball.
I can be irrational and destructive. Such a great combination.
I can be incredibly possessive and protective
Music really IS my anit-drug. (That and Dr. House)
I fail at life.
I'm aggressive :]
I lost the game.
I can't stand people who 'hate liars'..everyone lies..
I have major anxiety problems.
I have alot of self-confidence.
I often spell things wrong, feel free to correct me.
I struggle with accepting reality.
Ima proud vegetarian! ;D
I'm drug free!
I like change. But, I will never change for you.
I like to make my world Pretty.
I hate IM talk. It kills grammar!!
I am not insulted easily.
I'm a dinosaur. Rawr.

Many people think life is about figuring yourself out...
But, its about creating yourself...

Tis me!
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Myra and meh! :]
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I have some pretty amazing people in my life! :]
I am forever grateful for them, just for always being here for me. :]
Myra. Cassandra. Cameron. Alex.
:] Love them. Thank ya'

I've been hacked 2 times in gaia! D:
Gaia doesn't love meh...;[


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oh jebus,
chur naked D:

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happy early birthday
and merry christmas

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kenzie albright

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kenzie albright


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ello IDK who u r but u were an Alice ad i changed my name it used to b Rosalie Cullen_Twilight3 ad i was just randomly going through my old comments LOL so ya....How hav u been?
kenzie albright

Report | 04/08/2009 8:04 pm

kenzie albright

okay!!!*huggs u harder*

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thx for buying

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did u change ur name?
kenzie albright

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kenzie albright

alice*giggles and jumps from tree and hugs you*

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Thanks for buying.


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