About This Lady Read &'d Take Notes(;

my nickname is " Bella " cause my names isabella;D . 13yrs younqq (: , Im Cuban American biggrin I Love My latin Roots x3
i love anime(; fav anime show is Naruto ( NaruSaku fan 100%) my brother qot me into naruto LOl. Fav char's Naruto, Sakura, Sai, Kakashi, Shikamaru &'d Rock Lee biggrin lmfao . NH fans can die ftw(:
Yes i like to watch Spanish Soaps too fav soap is La Fea Mas Bella(:
w. Jaime Camil Angelica Vale Love them fav soap ever, but i watch other ones too. i'm very Retro i love the 50's and classic Hollywood and all Classical things but yet im still a bit modern and like some modern music and shows. :p My fav show and thing about classic hollywood is I Love Lucy my fav characters are Lucy &'d Ricky i also like Fred &'d Ethel I LOVE that show im a big fan.! i love qreen,blue, black&white. :p i'm a lover not a fighter, but i'll fiqht for what i love . i I love quotes & i love photography. i like photoshoots w. friends.. i have a new addiction i lovee textinq + music ;D . i get lost in the clouds, and sunsets are my favorite scenery. i'm scared of spiders. i'm a virgo. i make random faces. i like cute qoodmorninq & qoodniqht text's they make my day. . i love my name razz i love piercings &'d like some tattoo's . i'm probably mad weird mad sweetest girl ever thouqh. i strongly believe in faith & the quote'S " the only people you need in life are the one's who prove they need you in their's " &'d " Everythinq happens for a reason." i like all music(: , but i don't have a favv. i'm the type of person who hates seein ' people hurt. i loveee Spiderman<3. my fave numbers are 7 & 18. i'v been thru hell & back w. heartache's , enouqh for me to know now not to take thinqs for granted. i'm not perfect, i got a bankful of flaws, havinq' somebody know me inside & out must take months lol . qet to know me , i'm most of the time full of surprises . but yeah i'm basically a bit of everythinq. if you read this you must've been mad bored :d lmaoo. &'d i'm Taken O4'1711