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im 16.I live in ohio.Im at my friends house almost every day so shes like my sis.I play softball and when thats done i do bowling im really good at it.When thats done durning the summer i play softball,baseball,football,and other things with the family.On my freetime i go sk8ing with my friends and i go to the movies smile .I have 4 sisters and like 7 brothers, Im taken by the best and i have the best brothers i see the most there name's r kid and cody and my best friend's name is tyeler he's my brother cody's friend smile .Well if you wanna know more then pm me or add me or txt me if u got the #, if you dont got it then don't be afraid to ask smile .And one more thing before i go im really easy to get along w/ and i like to make friends smile . heart
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this is my sis =)

this is kid =) and my bro

this is my bro's friend and if ur his friend then ur my friend =)

this is my best friend ever i will always love him :D

this is my best friend :D

This is my friend byron from school and we get along but he is nasty but thats nothing new lol if u know him =)

This is my bet friend ever :)

This is my bf i have had for a long time but he dont get on alot <3

this is my best friend on here<3