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{its been too long}
its been a long time.. sorry..
i really hope you guys can forgive me..
aside form school.. aside form stress of family problems and all there was something that kept me away..
a thing that makes me really happy.. and for i decide to keep my time along for him
yet to stupid to think.. it was the truth
in a game i meat him, yes.. here.. gaia or life as you wish to call it..
he gives me a smile...
even on the times of harsh
he was my friend
then a brother,
let me say he became one of the only i have really gave my truth to
and little by little i stared noticing that my feelings were some i really didn't get...
yet it make me happy.. been ignorant kept me alive
as for so.. it seem the only thing that make me want to wake up was saying to him good night
its stupid to think that still not understanding the reason i do for so all this just for him, still listening to his laughter its enough to make me smile as well...
i will i could give him all i want to for i never care for anyone the way i care for him
i'm useless maybe, a coward as well, not a talented someone and one that just can offer worthless thing that she doen't even like herself...
it doesn't change i love you...niwok-kun this i did for you...and i don't care people read it...
i don't care your far way...
i don't care time runs so short...
i be happy.. when in 19 more days.. you show me your little world

{i will give away my happiness just for your's}
thanks you for have talk to me, for listening to me cry...
for been there all the times i had no one
for making me feel special,
for making me smile,
for writhing me nice letters,
for singing along with me
thanks you for been who you are...
thanks you for keeping me alive..
and teaching me that the past doesn't have to hurt so much...

sorry if i can't give you anything....
Aisec-chan 08/18/09 - nikow-kun
~i wish i could see you again...~