"Mary, Mary, quite contrary
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockleshells
And pretty Maids all in a row."

Salut! Ry here! I'm 19 years old I have a thing for nursery rhymes and faerie tales. I am a student in her first year of University, studying for a Bachelor of Arts Honours Drama, French studies and Costume Design (And loving it!) . I've been on gaia for a little over 3 years and... Hmm..about myself..well, For starters I'm a tiny goth girl, belly dancer and actress. I enjoy the more macabre type things, I'm morbid, spooky,dark, and really quite cheerful. I'm really into the occult and I find graveyards to be the epitome of peace. I ADORE corsets and anything made of velvet and black lace (I'm also a sucker for cameos) I don't think I could live without them...I wish I lived in either the renaissance of victorian eras( for the clothing only). If you want to know more about me read on my good man! ...or woman...whichever the case may be.
Love POE-try <-- Haha! Get it? .....yeah I know, i'm lame.
As far as religious views go, I'm Wiccan and damn proud of it.
I don't really have very much to say, I love hanging out with my friends, but I love time to myself, to draw(even though the only thing I can draw is a straight line) , listen to music, or read. I love sewing too!
I read very much.

My fun stuff and not so fun stuff

Fun Stuff
Reto G Couture & The Fairies Pyjamas, Borderline +, Clik Klak, La Table Ronde, Diabolik etc. (A few of my favourite stores)
Belly dancing
Drawing(though I'm no good)
Books! heart (except my bloody expensive textbooks sweatdrop )
Black lace
Old Horror movies

Not so fun stuff
Campus food gonk
The sun (it wakes me up everyone moring..it is the bane of my existance!) gonk

that's basically it

Oh yes! friend requests...I absolutely DETEST random friend request..let me make this perfectly clear...I do NOT add people before talking to them first..so send me a PM or something...because I WILL NOT accept unless I have talked to you. Are we clear on this matter? Good.
I only donate to my friends!!!!! End Of Story... don't even ask No Begging Please!!!

My Weird Little Quirks razz

- In my spare time, I read, draw, dance,sew (making a paper coset! whoot!) etc.
-I love outside in general
- I LOVE jewllery,especially rings
- I don't like carrots or beets
- I hate the feel of chalk and I don't like bitting into really crisp apples(it makes me shudder)
- I love the moon
- I speak French
- I love eating crushed ice

See ya! Feel free to message me!
Merry part and Blessed Be.


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My Writings

This thing is basically gonna be about me...what im doing, how im feeling...normal stuff like that



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I love your profile emotion_kirakira

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Oh ok lofl. I was just doin my weekly thing lookin for cool avis in there and there yours was. lol

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Hey I shared your avi arena entry here. lol

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The picture with your avatar is finished. It is on the guild homepage as a smaller size and the original was posted here.

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cool avi

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Thanks for buying!
Jinx Noir

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Jinx Noir

Jinx Noir

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Jinx Noir

Definitely all lovely things, but that's what I love about costumes is if you're dressed up you're a participating piece of the atmosphere. You're physically a part of setting the mood.
Jinx Noir

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Jinx Noir

Samhain. <333333

If it's your favorite time of the year, but it's not a big deal to you if you don't dress up, then what's your favorite part about this time of year?
There are plenty of things I love about this time of year, but costumes are my absolute favorite.

Store bought costumes are the worst!! Never ever ever again. Ugh. Nasty s**t right thurr.
Jinx Noir

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Jinx Noir

Whaaaaaaaaaaaat??? I'm sorry, I've really never understood how people could not love Halloween. Unless the day was tied to something bad that happened on that day in the past or something. But still like.... what?? How do you exist right now? Like what molecular glue is holding you together right now cause it's clearly not joy or happiness or miniclorients. Also, you never had a childhood. ((I'm kidding, please don't take that seriously))


Dream Avi! (Help?)

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