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Anything Goez Journal

This is where I write about my experiences and share my knowledge that might be helpful to others.


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Welcome to my Gaian Profile!

I am VeeJay from the Philippines. I really like creative writing, arts and crafts as a hobby. I like to hang out here in Gaia to meet new people and friends hopefully someone who is an adult, but it's okay to meet kids and share my wisdom. I am an Elder Gaian,You can always contact me if you need someone to chat with on any place of the Gaia world. I play video games, reading comics and watching anime even for my advanced age, we can chat about all those things if you want.

I am just a civilian, layman and commoner. Just a simple and random person but unique like anybody else. It think it is more important to be a someone than a somebody. I really wish I could communicate with most of my friends here and not just be a stranger although strangers are welcome to get to know me just like any random Gaian. I hope to use this site as a way to communicate and hang out and just may time pass but significantly worth the experience.

I really like Gaia Online as a virtual world but meeting people with different ages is really tricky. I like meeting new friends, it's best to get to know me for real. Meeting real friends needs you to get to know them for who they are not for what others just say about them. I hope to make Gaia Online a safer place to share activities and interests. wink



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