If I am an angel
paint me with black wings. . .

My name is Heather.

My one greatest strength may be my one greatest weakness. I have a tender heart and I am way too kind for my own good.

I am incredibly intuitive and have premonitions of things to come by the choices people make. It may be a gut instinct or I may live out their choices through my dreams. I can also read people's auras whether you choose to believe me or not. Meet me and find out for yourself. Either way, I know for sure it’s not normal.

I offer compassion to people and always go out of my way for my friends. I guess that's why I have as many friends as I do.

I believe in quality, not quantity. If you can show me something in your friendship that no one else can, I will give myself to you entirely. I am incredibly loyal and my main goal is to console my friends and be there no matter what. I know how to take care of myself but my genuine goal in life is to be there for others. Whether they chose to accept my help is their own thing.

Please don't get the wrong idea of me, I'm not full of myself nor am I conceited. People seem to get the wrong impression of me, I've even been called a myspace whore. You can think what you want of me but the truth is you know yourself better than anybody else can.

I have way too many faults of my own that I can accept. I tend to be shallow of looks a lot. I know it's what's on the inside that counts but usually I'm genuine interested on appearances. I am studying to go to beauty school for collage so that may explain why I am so shallow.

I just believe that your outward appearance should match your inside, if you're a beautiful person on the inside, you should show that on the outside by taking care of yourself.

I am also incredibly vain. I almost always refuse to leave the house without makeup on. I know, it’s pathetic. But it’s just how I am, I suppose. Take me as I am or leave me, it’s your choice.

Recently my close friends have been telling me that I resemble a doll. What with the curly hair, porcelain skin, and dressed frequently in dresses. I sort of agree. I am very into the Japanese and Chinese culture and love the look of Gothic Lolita.

I truly believe that I was of Japanese royalty in a past life if such thing exists. The general way I interact with people resembles the proper ways of the geisha. I don’t know, I’m not of Asian-ethnicity but who knows? Maybe I’m just too proper for my own good.

Once in a while I'll get caught up in the feelings of the current moment. I might get silly and sometimes maybe even too silly. I am very imaginative and sometimes that can be a fault. People claim that I get my head in the clouds too much.

As far as extroversion goes, I am reserved. I am generally a modest and private person. That is, unless I am in the company of people I feel I can open myself up to.

I am thoughtful and careful before making decisions and offering opinions. I open up quickly with people I click with, and more slowly with others. I tend to be shy at first but usually loosen up.

I neither need nor particularly like the spotlight. I don't crave flash and attention, it's quality and depth that I treasure. People who are party-maniacs or the like tend to embarrass me. Being so flamboyant and out there is a crazy concept.

I think a lot, maybe too much for a teenager, I suppose it just shows my maturity level in comparison to many girls of this century. I seriously can’t stand girls who stride to stick out for the wrong reasons.

Also, I have a natural high about me. I'll never understand why people have to smoke pot or do similar drugs to have fun. You shouldn't have to be dependent on substances to have fun. I believe that it is with your friends, that companionship alone should be enough. That IS what a friend is after all. People have made drugs into their best friends and it’s sick.


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ive been on aim xDD

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i love you tooo <3

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I love you!

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Heyyy there Heather



Lord Lelis

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Lord Lelis

hello, wassup......

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watz up with u

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so what's up?

And I'm not sure if I mentioned this but...I like your marilyn manson music video User Image

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Wow really? that's cool-haha I love that anime User Image

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loving the profile its cool and i do like the vid, didnt think that i would like manson. luv yeah padme

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Nice avi, profile, and multimedia User Image

Your avi reminds me of that one anime Karin,

where the sister would wear clothes like this and had grey hair User Image


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