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Birthday: 12/19

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Hello people of the internet!! I'm Andy, nice to meet u ^^
I'm 18 years old and my bf reminds me of a puppy ^^
I am gay and i'm taken X3 (i luvs misaki SO much! <333)
I don't really like random friend requests...so please ask before you friend me.
I love South Park and Family Guy. Butters and Stewie are my fav. characters :3
I do love hugs though ^^ especially misaki's hugs :3 they're the best ^^
I'll play almost any video game that sounds interesting or if anyone has a good review of it. (i do have a list of games i need to beat though XD)
this summer is going to be a monster ;w; so many kids in a week is going to kill me T^T
So if anyone wants to say hi and chat i'll be glad to talk :3

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