Behind the Name
I’m Karma.
~My nicknames include Karma, Karmizzle, Karmen, Karmex, and Lady Karmizzle. My favorite number is 4.
~My favorite movie is Suicide Room and the second is Donnie Darko.
~My favorite color has been purple since 4th grade.
~I am a huge SHINee, kpop, Pokemon, Glee, Death Note, cat, roleplaying, anime, horoscope (Libra/Aquarius mostly), Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, and cosplaying fan.
~I don’t think I really have an alter ego or anything. I think of myself as many different personalities in one. I see several models, find attributes I like, and then I try to add those traits into me. I’m still growing though. I have plenty of time to sort all these personas out.
~I don’t believe in regrets really. I feel like with everything you do, you gain something. It could be an item, knowledge, or just some experience.
~SHINee is my number one love in this world. It's impossible to have a bias.
~Roleplaying is extremely fun for me. I'm back mostly for this. Contact if interested.

I guess that’s a part of this girl.


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Extreme Shawol.