★ ☆ Oh Snap ★ ☆
Hey its Ur Gurly Sara (:
My Current Age Is __ Ask For It!
Im Currently A Sinqle Prinqle C;
Anywaaaays. My Height Is Um. Well iDk Rite Now
My Favoriteee Colors Are Purple and Lime Green. <3
Hehe Well Thats A Little Bit Boutt Me.
i Love Who, Can Anybody Solve My Mystery For Me?
What A Fairytale.

Dont Jock iight? ツ


Dont Like Me? Then Y U On My Pro
Judge Me? Like I Care.
Cant Stand Me? Sit The Fxck Down
Think Im Trippin? Tie My Shoes (:
Hahah Anywaaaaays Bye.
Love Is Like A Fairytale...
You Believe That He Love's You So Much When Its Not Even Real.
i Fell For Him Too Hard. Dont Ever Wanna Do That Aqain.
So When You Fall For Someone, Make Shuree He's Going To Catch You.
Mainss: AJ, Star, Xaavier, Marcus, Kyle, Alysha, Lexiee, Jazzy(:
☼Please Help Me With This.☼
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-Deddicatioon Time !-
Your an awesome fraand. I just wanted to make a deddication to yooh, you deserve one on my prooo(: ahha well anyways i'm always here for you. anytime u need a hug my arms are open u got that? Haha i love you , ur thee bestest friend i couuld ever have and you make me laugh with ur jokes that make absolutely no sence. but thats what i love bout you(;
well ima goo now, haha love you aj.
-SaraNicole- (: