She's a pure Falcon of '09.
She worships Flash Mob's.
She loves each and everyone of her freckles .
She's well known for playing with my hair and it's gotten to the point where she can now tie a knot in her hair with one hand.
She loves flashlights.
She's a former band geek.
She loves cameras.
She loves binoculars.
She adores star gazing.
She spends hours on her game consoles.
She forgets where she put's her remote even though it's right in her hand.
She'd rather someone come talk to her so that she knows they want to talk.
She loves playing her keyboard but would still like a piano.
She loves to laugh to the point where she can't breathe and/or she starts crying.
She likes to save those little black ants from her bathroom sink so they won't drown when she turns the faucet on.
She wants to learn the electric violin.
She sleeps a lot.
She doesn't like killing bugs or insects.
She's not a patient person but she's working on it.
She only remembers faces not names.
She's not mean you just can't take it like a man. xD jk
She'll open up to you when I feel like it.
She doesn't trust anyone not even herself.
She loves life.
She'd rather be at Angela's house than Disney world.
She likes privacy.
She's not skinny you're just fat. xD jk again
She loves murals of graffiti.
She's a proud navy sister. ^-^
She enjoys sneaking into closed playgrounds to go swing.
She enjoys tattoos but I won't get one.
The dark still creeps her out.
She's a lazy person but who isn't.
She'd most likely prefer a dog over a human. xD
She hates it when doors are stuck fast.
Charmander is the greatest Pokemon.
The bunny from The Shining scares the ASAP out of her.
She wishes she had a room like noodles.
She wants every Tamagotchi on the planet.
She is Sabrina.


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