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Felicyia Report | 12/10/2008 8:48 am
thanx for buying at my shop enjoy ur dress
Tedder Bear Report | 12/01/2006 10:05 am
Tedders has commented! lol


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Last Login: 12/03/2009 3:03 pm

Registered: 02/20/2006

Gender: Female

Location: Franksville, WI

Birthday: 04/26/1991

Occupation: Student

Personal Website

C'est Moi

I am 17 years old and, I go to Jerome I. Case High School.
Hobbies: Music, drawing, poem/song writing, playing guitar, dieing my hair, hanging out with friends, being on the internet
Music: I like a lot of types of music. Mostly anything but jazz and country.
Rock bands:A7X, Hellogoodbye, HIM, CKY, Clutch, Bloodhound Gang, Pantera, System of a Down, Disturbed, Story of the Year, As I lay dieing, AFI, Chevelle, My Chemical Romance, Sences Fail, Metallica, The Casualties, Finch, Murder Dolls, Rammstien, Garbage, Hawthorn Hights, Nine Inch Nails, Jimmy Eat World, Korn, The Killers, Mudvayne, Papa Roach, Queen, Rise Aginst the Machine, Weezer, The Dresden Dolls, Fall Out Boy, One More Tomorrow (local), Flaming Boner (local), Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, 69 Eyes, Billy Talent, Left Over Crack, Rule 22 (local), The Used, From First to Last, Thrice, MxPx, Armor For Sleep, Sex Pistols, Rancid, Misfits, ICP, Panic! At the Disco, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, and more that I can't think of.
Others: 50 Cent, Rhianna, Ciara, Unk, almost anything they play on 103.5 Kiss FM.

Movies:Hangman's Curse, Queen of the Dammned, Interview with a Vampire, Underworld, Vampire Clan. Mostly vampire flicks... But also I have moved into the comedy field: Superbad, Grandma's Boy... and others like that
TV Shows: Reailty Television, LOST, or whatevers on the I find entertaining
Name: Brenda
Birthday: April 26
Birth Place: Lake Forest Hospital
Current Location: Franksville/Racine
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color:Black

Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Favorite Food: Don't Know
Favorite Drink: Sunny Delight!
Favorite Color(s): Black and anything but brown or gold
Favorite Letter(s): z and y
Favorite Number: 13
Candy: Candy is Candy
Favorite Animal(s): cute domestic ones
Favorite Store(s): Hot Topic, Spencers, Zumies, Kohls, Aeropostale... I know totally opposite, but I don't really have a style. I wear what I like
Most Missed Memory: Childhood
Overused Phrase: Jewbag... sorry. Not meant to be antisemetic just heard it once and it stuck. I am trying to change it to heffer or something.
First Thought Waking Up: Miss my BF
Goal for this year: JOB and Move out
Weakness: Procrastination
Fears: Spiders
Heritage: Mut (meaning I don't know all of them)
Longest Relationship: Year and Half
Drank: Yes
Dyed Your Hair: Yeah
Tried To Do The Splits: Yes
Tried To Do A Backbend: Yes
Tried To Do A Cartwheel: Yes
Tried To Do A Handstand: Yes
Tried To Act Perfect: Yes, its fun try it.
Get A Detention Of Any Kind From Not Doing Anything: Yes
Skinny Dipped: No
Kissed/Huged An Opposite Sex: Yes
Kissed/Huged The Same Sex As You: Yes
Been Dumped: Yes
Had A Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Yes
Ate Sushi: Yes
Loved Someone: Yes