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Hey everybody!
im Sara and i say that
im bored a lot! and yeah
not much to say about me.
umm......im an outgoing person
and i like to be myself around ppl
and i don't act fake. and i HATE
drama. so don't complain to me about ur problems
and tell me to fix ur problems when i can't even fix my own
I have the best brother and sister. fam bam 1st. lol My real brother is kool. but, my other brother Jason is the best like flippin' ever he is nice and he helps me when i need help all i have to do is ask. and my sister Betsy is soooooooooooo interesting she says random things as do i. and she makes me happy when im sad. i love them both and they mean the world to me. so don't hurt them or i will murder u. not really but i will hurt u. im js an ordinary girl but with a few twists. im not ur girl next door. im weird. and yeah that's all i got for now.

OMFG! HII!!!!!

well im taken so no one flirts >.<;;

im taken by the most koolest guy in the world and im serious.
he makes me laugh alot. and well not a lot of people can make me laugh...it's kinda different with him he is like out there kinda....like he would say something and he wouldnt care what i thought...or what some people thought. i know we just got together and we kinda just met but i really feel like i've been knowing him for a long time. and yeah..he sweet too and if one of you ladies tries to flirt with him i will break your FACE ok? ok!.so that is all i got for now i will do some major writing on this. OH YEAH LADIES HE IS MINE ALL MINE NOT YOURS!!! >:3