Yo,it is shiznit about me!

Hi my name is luke...I am a HUGE fan of anime and all that.
Soooo..... about me...i am a random person and one of the only gaian's from blacksburg...comment if you are from there...i play a game called t4c...its very addictive and if im not on here im on it...the link to it is www.t4ctrilogy.com...im 14...meh life SUCKS...my childhood hero is cloud...i think Final Fantasy is AWESOME im an outcast from school like lostface

i am a person who LOVES rock but doesnt devote his life to it. My favorite bands are MCR,The Stones,The Used,Dragonforce,and others. Well,I have recieved my dream avi status.

Well Homies is better but still...
I hate ******** labels. they are immature ways of looking at someone and judging them. i also hate the report button.