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Wolf_GypsySoul Report | 06/30/2010 9:30 am
Will my family is roman catholic. I have to say that i'm pretty intune with weird things. A couple weeks ago i know it was crazy but, something icy touched my shoulder and it even when it was gone i could still feel it like it was still on my arm. I don't know what your weathers like but, where i live it's been like 80 or 90 out so to feel something like a winter breeze on my shoulder was crazy. Then a month before my strings on my blinds started to knock into the wall it happened three time. The windows where closed, are air hardly blows cold air and it was swinging and knocking into the wall and every time i called from my mom it stopped. I was like i know i look crazy but, it was moving! I have to say thats the most upsetting part seeing and feeling something an feeling like no ones going to believe what happened.
Wolf_GypsySoul Report | 06/30/2010 9:11 am
Like i said i'm not a expert but, i do believe if you feel something there most likely there could be something going on. Ever say " Mom ever feel weird stuff is going on in the house?" Don't say anything just see if she's noticed something weird too. Some times when people have the same kind of exprience it does let to something going on. I also would, if your brave enough to some time say "Hey, if someone's here let me know, or Hey, you are really freaking me out please leave me alone." My mom, in our big house said to the ghost i know your here just leave my kids alone..One night she heard bumping on our stairs and thought it was my friend and i only when she came to yell at me my friend and i were sleeping. Another time my radio in my room was playing music only there where no batteries and it was unplugged from the wall. We found out later people who lived in that house before had weird things happen and we also found out two little kids had died there during the civil war era from some sickness. My brother did say he some times felt like something was on his chest too, he would put moving boxes in front of his closet door and bedroom door and they would be moved aside every morning. They where heavy boxes full of books. They also use to turn the shower of mid-way when he was in the shower. You could always try that put something obstructive in its way and see it moves it. I highly recommand you don't use a wegie board because once you open that gate, you can't really go back.
Zelkiiro Report | 06/30/2010 9:09 am
Lamb of God is metalcore, not straight-up metal, and Arch Enemy has the worst harsh vocals I've ever heard. Shooting down a lousy death metal group and a rather-mediocre metalcore group is hardly suggestive that I don't know metal. Oh, and calling yourself "brutal" in order to look tough is pretty much the sure sign of a p***y. Don't ever let me catch you doing it.
Wolf_GypsySoul Report | 06/30/2010 8:43 am
Okie dokie..I'm not a expert but, i'll try...>.<



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