HI everyone im mimi and im 14 years old im from florida. some facts about me is that i:
like to do things in a cold-ish weather or in warm-ish weather; depending on what it is.
i REALLY like visiting my hometown: randolph massachusetts....i like twilight, (like everyone does) and i like to match my clothes. every day,
i like to create things even though i suck at doing that (teehee ^_^)
like taiwanese(?) dramas and their songs b/c they're kool and im asain (yay!!!!!!!!!!!)
like to chew gum, hate to get yelled at in skool for chewing gum (O_O)
like to go tubing in the snow (especially when riding in the lift- like in skiing)
LOVE the snow and LOVE boston in the winter...xcept when the snow gets all slushy and dirty. AND...THAT'S IT....TTYL!


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Plz comment, im all for it ppl

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ahh!! i miss you! Dx
XViet - AnimeX

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XViet - AnimeX

I meant cool avi cousin lol
XViet - AnimeX

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XViet - AnimeX

cool cousin cousin

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AWW! i miss youuu!!!

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-Random comments you-

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omg, girl!i miss you soooo much ='( call me sometime, k?
XViet - AnimeX

Report | 01/28/2010 4:23 pm

XViet - AnimeX

so how have you been?
on February 4th I have to take a MCAS mock test
I've been reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians seires
pretty good so far
I'm on the last book
XViet - AnimeX

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XViet - AnimeX

hey, hey!!
Carol said you have a friend who reads Fairy Tail!(manga/anime)
who is this person?!
XViet - AnimeX

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XViet - AnimeX

you read them from right to left.
I really can't tell you anymore
you're gonna have to figure it out yourself
OHSHC might be confusing in the first few chapters
XViet - AnimeX

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XViet - AnimeX

I suggest you read the really popular ones first