**Hi I'm Ashley and I play the ukulele. :] **

**Life is Beautiful. :]
So just keep on smiling.

+ I'm 14.
Yes, I know I look young, but when I'm older, that'll be a blessing♥. :]

+ I'm homeschooled.
I used to go to a public high school, but it's such a drag... So, after attending 2 different high schools within 2 months of the school year starting, I decided I wanted to be home-schooled♥. :]

+ I'm short. I'm like... 5'0 or 5'1. Even though I hate being short, I guess it's okay. It adds to my cuteness♥. B]

+ I stand out from the crowd. I CHOOSE to be noticed. It's better than being a robot♥. :]

+ ** If you want to get to know me, You actually gotta hang out with me.
Since this is Gaia, it's difficult, but we could always go to Rally, or play zOMG sometime♥. :] **