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Gender: Female

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Birthday: 06/06/1985

Get your people to contact my people. XD

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Maybe Anon will bring me these..?

Shady Lurkers

Caustic Finale on 08/02/2019

"With Odin on our side we are victorious!!"

**Panda is out saving the world from evil corporations with her all mighty godlike super materia.**

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♥ Hey, I'm Panda. ♥
I'm 29 years old, I am a big kid. ^__^
I'm laid back and generally likable.
I love video games!
Currently playing: Uncharted 3, Battlefield 4, Dead Space 3 and Borderlands 2.
My PSN name is xLevel99x. Add me if you want to play!
My life revolves around music. ♪♫
I am really into Vikings and Norse mythology.
Sadly, I am addicted to Gaia. ^__^*
If there was anything else you wanted to know, just ask me.

"When you're in a town like this all covered with smoke, you forget that there's a world outside. Nothing amazing happens here.
And you get used to that, used to a world where everything is ordinary.
Every day we spend here is like a whole lifetime of dying slowly. But now Haruko is here.
That's how I know there really is a world outside. " ~ Naota (FLCL)

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[b:dc36b9d225]PSN: xLevel99x[/size:dc36b9d225] [/b:dc36b9d225] [i:dc36b9d225]Add me~♥[/color:dc36b9d225][/i:dc36b9d225]
(currently playing: Dead Space 3, BL2, and Destiny)