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Random s**t

Hey! biggrin I'm an emo/punkie!

Hey guess what?

I want my avatar to look like this:

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I'm under semi-contruction so... Yeah... XD Urm. I've got a Myspace! Visit meee! -


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Guess who this is? My husband to be. ^

My s**t

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I Am Random

Well, if you don't like my layout, you wont like me. So don't even bother clicking my journal if you don't like my layout.

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emo panda sweets Report | 10/06/2007 2:34 pm
emo panda sweets Report | 08/28/2007 3:08 pm
T-A-P-P-E-D. You have been tapped because u r one of the prettiest girls on my friends list. Now u have to find 15 girls on ur friends list that r pretty and tap them if you break the chain ur face will beak ouy. If u get tapped again u know u r really pretty.
victoria uchiha Report | 06/03/2007 4:49 pm
o....i got the layout at tektek.......ik....funny huh???........o and thnx....i used to have this look and i wanted it back.... xd :.........well i'll ttyl i guess.......... wink
Tekton Report | 05/29/2007 9:40 pm
I'm glad you like tektek! 3nodding
xoxonewingedangelxox Report | 05/10/2007 2:51 pm

I found one of my new favorite bands!!! LILY ALLEN!
victoria uchiha Report | 03/31/2007 10:20 am
hey!!! coco-chan!!!! lol i just wanted to say that...o and ur not supposed to put ur HTML code.....ur supposed to put the IMG code......haha don't worry..that happend to me at 1st....well c ya coco-chan!!! =^^=
xoxonewingedangelxox Report | 03/31/2007 6:40 am
Can anyone help me! By the way my name's Becca or Coco. My problem is, my HTML won't work! Can anyone, ASAP tell me if my font color is maroon or does it just say <font color=maroon>?
sarahgirl176 Report | 03/18/2007 8:14 am
I forgot to tell you! Mrs. Barnes had her baby! It's a girl and her name is Slone Alexander Barnes! I luv the name Slone even though it sounds like a mens deoterent. Well got to go! TTYL=}
Unacceptable Lie Report | 03/13/2007 7:24 pm
victoria uchiha Report | 02/24/2007 10:36 pm
lol..thnx!!! =^^=.......well bi!!

~vivi-chan out~

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