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Coal Sprite (x2) - 80,000g
Ninja Hood - 18,500g
Lumberjack Axe - 3,834g
Aekea Water Festival Shirt - 3,975g
Striped Stockings - 9,060g
Kelp o' th' Loch 6th Gen. - 100,750g
Gothic Veil - 40,956g
Heartstring - 13,067g
Luck o' the Gairish - 37,350g
Music Note Mood Bubble - 2,500g
Jack's Bat Clip - 3,050g
Kappa Plush - 7,066g

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Total Value: 380,949 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Trick or Treat Tote 2nd Gen.
Fallen Wish 7th Gen.
Festive Witchling Broom
Exfoliating Algae Facial Mask (green)
Coocoon (3rd Gen)
Coocoon (5th Gen)
Carol of Ol' Ebenezer 4th gen.
Bonsai Wings
Blade Of The Sacred Forest's Tunic
Buck Teeth

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Total Value: 113,180 Gold, 55,000 Tickets
[Item Information]

Item List:
Angel Imp Plushie
Fire Flower
Autumn Glory
White Zoot Suit Tie
Black Class Shirt
Jack'd Pants 2k6
Dander 4th Gen.
Joker Hat white-black

Accepting donations. No matter how small. <3

: biggrin onations::
Allie Prodigy - 10,000g
ll Fiona ll - Bonsai Wings

Thanks you

Pictarr of meh by Xxmexican punkxX:
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comment once again..

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comment for money -_____________-

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*glomps 78th comment*

XD Hiya

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Check out my mulitmedia!!
Ricky god of war

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Ricky god of war

sry i aint been on for ever thx for the merry christmas
xoxo-Fire Cutie-xoxo

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xoxo-Fire Cutie-xoxo

I'm hyper too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O_O

Happy Valentine's Day to you too Firey Arrow XD
Firey Arrow

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Firey Arrow

Happy Valentine's Day! <3

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IM HYP-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-ERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Firey Arrow

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Firey Arrow

Blah Blah Blah...
That is all I can say xD
xoxo-Fire Cutie-xoxo

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xoxo-Fire Cutie-xoxo

@ hi_loser89:: Hey! Thanks! xD


Total Value: 380,949 Gold

::Currently Questing::
[b:c2bbee626a]Coocoon (5th Gen)[/b:c2bbee626a]
Price: 38,742 Gold
Needed: 25,700 Gold
Donations Accepted [b:c2bbee626a]<3[/color:c2bbee626a]
Biggest Donations From:
Allie Prodigy <3[/color:c2bbee626a]
ll Fiona ll <3[/color:c2bbee626a][/b:c2bbee626a][/size:c2bbee626a][/align:c2bbee626a]