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---->My love right here <-----

Ok. Important!

-I don't accept random friend requests.
[Wanna be my friend?? Tell me why]
-Don't ask for money. The answer is "no"
[I make exceptions for good/close friends]
-I love random PMs
[I'm strange like that]
-Be nice
[Or I won't be nice back]
-I'm generous
[You give something. I'll repay the favor]


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Oh Shap! I have returned!

&& Welcome
My name is Ashley.
--Just call me Ashe [pronounced: Ash]
I'm twenty.
--Call me old. I could care less.
My location is secret.
--I'm here. That's all you need to know.
I'm female.

Cheeyahhh...Moving on.

I'm not ghetto. I'm not preppy. I'm not a skater
Consider me unique. I am me.
My future is becoming a novelist.
Music is a big part of my life.
I'm a fan of the past.
I looovveee 80's && 90's music.
&& disney movies like The Lion King and Hercules.
I'm addicted to video games.
I love Need for Speed.
I'm a big daydreamer.
I can be your bestest friend or worse enemy. Watch out!

This list can go on. Let's end it here. K??