Hiya^^ a little about me....well im about 5 feel tall, my favorite colour is pink, altho i also have an affinity for lime green and baby blue,and on occasion yellow. I LOVE KITTIES!!!! i have 2 of the most adorably smart kitties here at home, and one who unfortunately cant be with me anymore=[ i am 18 years old currently finishing my highschool diploma at college. Im living with my boyfriend who means more to me than anything, and i recently learned that i do not care for old dogs. i have one at home and i get extremely annoyed with her all the time crying OH YESS!!! and i hate talking on the phone and i love maple cookies and gummy candies and english is my favorite subject and i IDOLIZE michael jackson. if u want to know anything else just ask me=] im very friendly. heart heart whee 3nodding heart
oh oh!!! and tell me what u think of my playlist=3 heart