Im not the girl your mom warned you about. Her imagination was never this good =3

About Me . . .

My name is Charlotte.
I don't usually do these "about me things"
but I figured its 2:30am and I might as
well try it..I'll start out saying I am Wiccan
and would rather not be judged thank you,
and I spend most of my days on the
computer or outside adventuring.

I love Disney movies and action adventure
movies. My friends are my life, they've
forgiven me for making mistakes and I've
learned to be a more accepting person.
I can be a real pain sometimes but then
again who isn't? I love reading quotes,
and making my own. I love editing
pictures and taking pictures of
me and my friends.

I've observed that kindness and generousity
is usually mistaken for weakness, I think
that people think they're more important then
they actually are or ever will be, I know people will kill,
steal, cheat, and lie to get what they want,
and from experience I've realized that people
are rarely ever who they say they are. Still knowing
these things I trust the human race far beyond
what they deserve and I feel frequently
used because of it 3nodding

I hide pains, tuck away
secrets, and usually show you what I know
you want to see. Although I can be dark, I like
to have fun too! Running around, wrestling seeing
a movie, shopping and drawing and creating is
what I do in spare time.

I be inz a relationship!!! I love him very very very much!
And I don't have a favorite color ;P


It Be Me --->December<--- eM eB tI
Loyal and generous Sexy -------------> dramallama
Active in games and interactions ----> cheese_whine
Impatient and hasty. Ambitious -----> burning_eyes
Influential in organizations -----------> exclaim
Fun to be with. Loves to socialize ---> blaugh
Loves praises. Loves attention ------> 4laugh
Loves to be loved ----------------------> heart
Honest and trustworthy --------------> ninja
Not pretending. Short tempered ---> stressed
Changing personality -----------------> emo
Not egoistic take high pride in self -> cool
Hates restrictions. ---------------------> wahmbulance
Loves to joke good sense of humor-> rofl
Logical ------------------------------------> idea
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