About Miley:
Hey this is Miley Cyrus.I am just gunna be my self on here so im not gunna put any fancy layouts up.Or dress fancy,im just going to be me. I love the color Pink.My birthday is November 23rd of 1992. I love to shop with my budds .And My Favorite Food is chinese.
Theres so much to say. I have an awsome big family.I have 5 siblings,older paternal half-brother Christopher Cody, older maternal half-brother Trace, older maternal half-sister Brandi, and younger siblings Braison Chance and Noah Lindsey.Plus Miley's mom Leticia Tish Cyrus and my dad who's a singer too Billy Ray Cyrus.Thats a lot.My bestest friend is Mandy.
The Posers:
Now were gonna talk about Posers!They are very,very anoying,but sometimes they turn out nice and cool.Or they sometimes don't.But It sometimes flatters me that they want to be me but is kinda rude to steel somebodys identity.But I would deal with it.Just you belive who you want to and everything will be alright!
Some people in the world who is in show buisness has lots of Fans and lots of Haters.But everybody has there own opinion.And thats okay,and I understand.But If you hate me,Don't Be rude or use bad language on my profile.Just if you think Im a poser then don't come on this page again!Thanks!Myspace:
Currently I have no regular myspace.So who ever says there me,Well there not.I do have a music myspace and its Myspace.com/mileycyrus.Also me and Mandy's MileyMandy Show has a music myspace and It's Myspace.com/MileyMandyCrew.So Check us out.
Well thats all for now!
luv ya guys!
Miley Cyrus