So what do you need to know about me? I am a 23 year old college graduate who likes to have a good time! Other than school, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, watching TV, movies, and shopping! I consider myself an anime nerd and love all types of anime. Want to know more? Just ask me- I don't bite!


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*waves hi*
Unbridled Originality

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Unbridled Originality

Thank you!
I tekteked for like two days before settling on this one.

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cool avi

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Oh, yeah, it drove me insane till we did find out. -laughs-
And awe! I do hope that you get to meet little Owen soon! heart

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Oh, I definitely agree that they're better. Or... I could just make him open them for me once we have her. =P And yeah, it's just the waiting till about 19 1/2 weeks to find out that's tough as they're not fully developed enough to find out any sooner than that. And awe! I'm sure that no matter the gender of her baby he/she will be beautiful and loved by all. heart

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Oh, I know seriously! They're so hard to get open! I'll make Ryan teach me tricks to get them open.
May work. Lol!
And we were originally not going to find out, but the more that I thought about going nearly 10 months with out knowing the more anxious I felt. And now that I know for sure, it is great to know, but haha! What does she think she's having (mother's intuition and all that)?

And awe! -hugs- I'm sure that it will go great and everything! heart

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Yeah, we'll definately have to get Ryan on the child proofing of the apartment sooner than later! Haha! Preferably like next week just to get it done and out of the way. Watch it be able to keep me out of whatever we're trying to keep her out of! rofl 'Let's go Mommy Proof the kitchen!' rofl
Oh, that's cool! ^o^
Does she know what she's having yet?

How've you been, hun?

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Oh, that sounds a bit weird, but understandable. Most think I'm a bit younger than I actually am. Like 20 - 22 when I'm 26. -laughs- I actually do get carded still when I used to drink when Ryan and I went out for dinners. Haha! I'm like "Okkkk, I'm 24, here's my ID."
Yeah, I definitely couldn't do it every day. -laughs- We'll have to learn to live with a crazy kid, but not that crazy for some time. Hehe! We'll have time to work up there.
And my due date is 28th October. heart

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Oh, I hope you do too dear! heart
The boys she's watching are 10 and 11.
Crazy but adorable. And at least they listen to her.
It was better than being home alone.
At least they're adorable and such. Lol!

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Yeah, loving that he's so into helping and doing whatever he can do to make me more comfortable.
And no, nothing too bad at all. It's passed for the most part.
Just hanging out with one of my good friends and the kids she's child sitting during the summer.
Taking a bit of a break before goin' totally loony from the noise.
Heading back out to talk more with her soon.


Xoxo, Jade
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