before i get wall of shamed i would like to say that this layout's coding is done by Broken Illusens =]]

and for the NPCs I DID NOT HACK OR SCAM!! i just transferred most items from my old account!!! i bought the items with well EARNED gold that i WON fromt the GDR thingy lol =]]

-i am not a newbie or a noob.
i just made another account.
-people are too fast at judging others nowadays
-i am a 13 yr old 7th grader.
&&no i didn't fail a grade.
my birthday is at the end of december; that's why.
-i like to get things like comments; mail; &&gold/money
well.. who doesn't?
-i also like to make tons of friends =]]
-i have a lot of hates for no reason.
&&some may sound all the same to you.
-i hate it when people use 1's && 0's to replace letters.
-i usually hate it when people put me down.
but i like to tell people off when they do that. x3
that's the only good side of that one.
-anyways... i hate it when people think im not filipino
just because i can't speak Tagalog.
-i hate it when people think my drawings suck a**.
&&i'm sure you all do to x]
-i hate it when people think they're all that because
1. they are the oldest
2. they THINK they are the smartest
3. they are the richest
4. they THINK they are the prettiest
5. they are white [[not to be racist]]
6. they THINK they are the coolest
7. they THINK they are the funniest
8. ETC.
-i hate people that ALWAYS have to be the goody-good.
-i hate it when people say things that have already been said like so:
1. "you shouldn't steal work and take credit without permission"
2. "i made history!"
3. "you noob."
4. "stop copying me!"
5. "yeeeah."
6. etc....
-i also hate when people think something will sound
funnier when they say it.
-or when someone says a joke [and its funny] then someone
else says the same one and it sounds stupid:
1. 1st person says "ok ok it's not that funny.
(someone replies: yes it is)
1st person again says.. "oh ok." then people laugh.
2nd person says "ok ok it's not that funny."
then nobody replies or laughs.
ok something like that o.o haha
-i hate it when people put down my friends
-i hate it when i kno somebody famous then other people don't
believe me.
-i hate it when somebody [like a family member] won't stop
naggin me to eat or something
-i hate it when people think i'm emo because i hate a lot of things

but i'm a very happy person

now back to basics:
-i am filipino
-i am 5 ft
-i am a GIRL
-i have a male avatar because i can
-i am not a gay/lesbian
-i am not a tranz
-this avatar/character is going to be my gaia oc version of
Night Gabi
i'm making a amateur manga just for the hell of it =]]

okay... well remember to speak english when you comment me
or message me!
i will only accept friend requests as long as i kno you good:
1. i have talked with you a lot by pms or comments
2. i have talked with you in a forum
3. i kno you in real life
4. i have emailed you for some reason before

aight! talk to me =]

Night's Battle Dream Avi!
User Imagetotal cost: 267,993g AND 2,500 tickets!
Night's Casual Dream Avi!
User Image total cost is:: 111,072,230 Gold

AzN JeccerS

Thank you!


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