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Hey my name Is nadia and I am from canada and no we do not say "eh" and no it is not freezing cold it is actually very warm. I am 14. I've been on gaia for a while maybe since 2007. I love animals, singing, music, drawing, skimming, biking, hiking, photography, cooking ect. I havre a younger sister who is about 5 and lives w/ my dad. My cats name is gypsy and I am a really nice person but I am also very shy. so yea have any questions pm me bye emotion_awesome

this is my dream avi:

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Total Value: 5,218,664 Gold
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Item List:
Custom Cut
Compass of Seidh
Lumiere Noire
Lumiere Noire
Astra XIII: Music in the Air
Rosamund's Revenge
The Widow
Fall of the Morning Star


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imma pandaa Report | 04/15/2012 12:49 pm
imma pandaa
maybe not all, but just progress to lvl 10.0 and farm a lot.
or u can do what i did to get 700k;
buy smth for a low price and sell it for high in market. or invest.. like just buy something and wait till the price goes either up or down.
what i did; earn gaia cash through free offers and buy something expensive off the cash shop and sell it.
imma pandaa Report | 04/14/2012 1:48 pm
imma pandaa
if u want gold just play zomg a lot.
and once ur CL 10.0, u can get 20k in 5 minutes with this boss thing,
imma pandaa Report | 04/13/2012 7:33 pm
imma pandaa
then i think u spent it or there was a gold glitch or smth.. but w/e, its not that much anyway
imma pandaa Report | 04/12/2012 6:31 pm
imma pandaa
well then who was it that took ur gold?
u can see in the trade history.. thats the most important thing right now to know.
imma pandaa Report | 04/11/2012 8:38 pm
imma pandaa
o.o what the hell..
thats not normal.. do u know who it is?
go look at ur trade history, it shows all ur recent trades and gifting. if its someone u dont know or dont want on ur acc u need to block them and change ur pw...
usually if they take smth from u they dont want u to know who u are so they totally change ur acc email and password so u cant ever login again.
report it or go to ur trade history and block the person/change ur pw..
http://www.gaiaonline.com/gaia/bank.php <----- look at ur trade/gifting history to see who it is/anything else lost.
and if theres nothing, then its probably a mistake, like u spent it and forgot or smth..
either that or the hacker used smth rlly sneaky..
imma pandaa Report | 04/02/2012 6:02 pm
imma pandaa
and u'll see a dream avi button
click it and click start.
then u can put on ANYYY existing gaia item and it will tell u how much it costs.
imma pandaa Report | 04/02/2012 5:33 pm
imma pandaa
u can earn cash by doing offers and stuff..
like registering for weird random sponser sites and watching vids. i did like all of the free offers.
imma pandaa Report | 04/02/2012 5:10 pm
imma pandaa
ahaha my gold is 444,874..
i earned gaia cash and bought smth expensive from the cash shop and sold it 3nodding
imma spend it on another item towards my dream avi tho.
HEY MAKE A DREAM AVI (: i wanna see urs
imma pandaa Report | 03/30/2012 6:52 pm
imma pandaa
haha xD so watup.
imma pandaa Report | 03/29/2012 7:35 pm
imma pandaa
u slept for 4 hrs too? e.o