Something about the little Miyavi - Freak x]

こんにちは !!
Hello girls and boys. :]

My name is Jeymy. [You can call me Jey too]
I live in Germany and I love Japan.
My favorite singer is Miyavi.
I love his voice and his music.
But I love BoA too. heart
Smosh are great! And I love this guys too.
If you don't know what or who Smosh is, google it or go to search videos on YouTube!

I am not addicted to drugs like alcohol or cigarettes.
I don't like drugs.

I love listening to music.
And I prefer the Japanese music.
Like J-rock / J-pop.
I like Asian music, wheter Korean, Chinese or something.

I 'can' speak 7 languages.
English; Turkish; German; "The Bird language"; A bit French & Japanese; Arabic.
But I can read Arabic only, I can't speak really good.
And the "bird language" is a language that my cousin and I are using to talk, so that no one else can understand us.

I was born in Germany on 21.12.1990
So, I am a 'December kid' and I like it !!

I have dark-brown hair and eyes.
I am nice to people who are nice to me.
I don't like liar.

My Hobbies are...

to worry about my Pet(s).
Listen music.
Surf the Internet.
Play games. [I am a little Gambler]
Go out.
Taking pictures.

And yeah, something more.

I like playing games like...

The legend of Zelda.
Super Smash Brothers.
Soul Calibur.
Tony Hawk.
Silent Hill.
Resident Evil.
Project Zero.
(All) Mario Games.
Harry Potter.


S4 League.

Consoles that I like:

Playstation 1-3.
Nintendo - 64; Gamecube; Advance; Wii; Gameboy; Gameboy Color; DS;

I love Animes and Mangas like...

Detective Conan.
Sailor Moon.
Princess Ai.
Princess Mononoke.

And more.

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You can ask me, if you want to know something.
See you later, さようなら