Panic at the disco! Oh Glory.

The Young Veins. The other girl.


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Guests~ :D


I'm not going to write a hole about me section. Do to it being time consuming, but here are some things you should no about me:
I'm male.
19 years young.
I'm a writer and a artist.
I'm sweet and kind. Passionate at heart and a train reck when I can't take it anymore.
My eyes are a simplistic brown, one of them is a lighter brown though. When I have different moods my eyes change color. They've gone from Dark brown, Green, to Grey and sometimes a tint of Blue.
I have the mindset of a kid sometimes, but a adult most of the time.
I'm mostly a quiet person, since I like to lison to people talk not so much me talk.

Things that keep me alive.

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Please help me on my quest to 200,000 gold. Donations of any type will help me.
And be gladly accepted.
Thank you.~
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Gurl wat iz up?