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xX A day in the life of Ash-Uh-Lee Xx


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the date rape baby Report | 11/02/2006 8:32 am
i just read on your profile your single... what happend?
you dont have to say if you dont want to.. sweatdrop
Rosedouken Report | 10/28/2006 8:13 pm
hi hi! what are we doing for halloween? where should we go? what time should we met? ahhhhh
Rosedouken Report | 10/21/2006 10:32 pm
i cant believe we lost. grr westlake.
the date rape baby Report | 10/20/2006 5:23 pm
xd : im on the donator list! blaugh
Rosedouken Report | 10/20/2006 3:30 pm
i wuv naruto
Rosedouken Report | 10/18/2006 4:20 pm
yo gimme gold!!
Rosedouken Report | 10/16/2006 7:31 am
ull see. and what? ask me to today
Rosedouken Report | 10/15/2006 5:59 pm
hahaha. yea well i didnt want to go. ur sig pic is cute! i got new pics on myspace but dont try to look at them untill i see u at school. i have a surpise w/ my hair. & i tottally mean dont go on it or ill beat u up....actually ull probally beat me up first but u get the picture. see you 2morrow
Rosedouken Report | 10/14/2006 9:44 am

have fun at homecoming, say hi to steven for me!
ItsDevonJames Report | 10/11/2006 9:53 am
It's okay!
i'm getting a new one soon anyway, haha. <33



[[ =DD ]]Ashley ROSE