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My name is Kristyn
And I love my Boyfriend Reese<3
my aim is= lickkmyyclitt
myspace= myspace.com/xosexisthebestox

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rose-gardian Report | 07/16/2008 11:55 am
just let it go bytch!!

go suck someones balls, my friend is not a n****r!

I dont know you but I sure do hate you. LEAVE US ALONE!!!
superhotcuteprincess Report | 06/26/2008 1:39 pm
you know u have no right to cuse my friend off and if u hink she should do that maybe u should look at ur own life. and if u think gold braces is gay then siriusly u are. and u dont say u know me then i guss its time to meet im ur worts night mare so just leave them alone becaquse this is so not funny. so go suck someones balls.
rose-gardian Report | 06/26/2008 1:37 pm
excuse me but you dont know me either b***h,

you better shut the f**k up, you dont scare me either!
rose-gardian Report | 06/09/2008 11:27 am
you are MESSED up, you are messed up to call my friend or I gay. YOU ARE A STUPID B1TCH AND YOU BETTER LEAVE GOLDBRACES ALONE!!!
iRoboto Report | 06/08/2008 11:59 am
Lol if you look at my avi it is naked not me in rl what is wrong with you xD
iRoboto Report | 06/08/2008 11:53 am
Krisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss <333333333333333 Lol

CHillin being nekid xD you?
Flimsyfishy Report | 05/27/2008 5:35 pm
ello cutie... having a good day?
XxP90xX Report | 04/18/2008 7:52 pm
i sent that thing to a random person(u) lol. uhhh yaa playlist doesnt have any hardcore techno songs that are actually good so i couldnt get any User Image HARDCORE TECHNO pwns. i think rap blows horse
XxP90xX Report | 04/15/2008 4:37 pm
What would you do if I.....

[1] I committed suicide:

[2] I said I liked you:

[3] I kissed you:

[4] I lived next door to you:

[5] I started smoking:

[6] I stole something:

[7] I was hospitalized:

[8] I ran away from home:

[9] I got into a fight and you weren't there:

What do you think about my:

[1] Personality:

[2] Eyes:

[3] Face:

[4] Hair:

[5] Clothes:

[6] Mannerisms:


[1] Who are you?:

[2] Are we friends?:

[3] When and how did we meet?:

[4] How have I affected you?:

[5] What do you think of me?:

[6] What's the fondest memory you have of me?:

[7] How long do you think we will be friends or enemies?:

[8] Do you love me?:

[9] Have I ever hurt you?:

[10] Would you hug me?:

[11] Would you kiss me?:

[12] Would you f**k me?:

[13] Would you marry me?:

[14] Emotionally, what stands out?:

[15] Do you wish I was cooler?:

[16] On a scale of 1-10, how nice am I?:

[17] Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.:

[18] Am I loveable?:

[19] How long have you known me?:

[20] Describe me in one word.:

[21] What was your first impression?:

[22] Do you still think that way about me now?:

[23] What do you think my weakness is?:

[24] Do you think I'll get married?:

[25] What about me makes you happy?:

[26] What about me makes you sad?:

[27] What reminds you of me?:

[28] What's something you would change about me?:

[29] How well do you know me?:

[30] Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?:

[31] Do you think I would kill someone?:

[32] Are we close?:
XxP90xX Report | 04/15/2008 4:28 pm
lol i dont listen to music THAT much but uhh... i REALLY like techno and trance. It calms me down. i got alot of those songs on mah profile now. i made a new playlist cuz i didnt rly like mine