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My name is Tatiana. biggrin Just call me Tati. Lol. I go to Del Sol High (Dragons) and I live in Las Vegas, NV. Sorry, peeps, I'm seein' someone.. P: Soo Back off. Ha.
I'm a nerd. Some say "sexy" nerd, but that's them.. I don't agree. >_> I don't like being disrespected or w/e. I really don't give a ********. xD Idk.. I love HIM!!! I OBSESS with the Heartagram. smile Ville Valo is the most sexiest 33 year old. xP Lmao. I have 3 insperations.. Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Manson, and Marilyn Manson. ;D Idk why though. Lol.. Umm.. Don't really wanna type more.. Got questions? Ask. razz


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xXraven-of-deathXx Report | 08/06/2008 1:06 pm
*singing* i will break into your thougttsss, with whats writtenn on my hearrtt

I will BREAK! BREAK!*done singing*


dude so I was just at the store with mi daddy and anyways, there was this totally HOT skater.

heres the big surprised: he winked at me! i mean omg who winks at me?!

I blushed so red. My dad saw though and he pulled me out of the store XD

stupid dad...

xXraven-of-deathXx Report | 08/05/2008 8:02 pm
aww i luv u too!

so whats been up wit u?
xXraven-of-deathXx Report | 08/05/2008 7:39 am
lol yesss!

sorry i didnt reply so fastly i fell asleep...ugh i cant belive i was so tired!
Twilight_Beast_ 76 Report | 08/04/2008 7:45 pm
hay wut up
xXraven-of-deathXx Report | 08/04/2008 7:01 pm
-break into cheer-

stephenie meyer is finnally dead!

xXraven-of-deathXx Report | 08/04/2008 6:59 pm

Vampires: SPREAD OUT!

*all my vampire sisters march towards the evil ones house*

"KIll Stephenie" we chanted over and over, robotic.

omg this is so much fun
xXraven-of-deathXx Report | 08/04/2008 6:48 pm
haha pefect!

we just need a delesuion...*smiles evilly* "Oh brother dearr?"

"What?" Rabdy asks rudely.

"I ask of a favor" I said sweetly

"What?" he asked, annoyed.

"I need you to destract thee dogs while we brake into stephenie meyers house" I said in a flat voice.

"No way" he said at once.

I give him a deeath glare.

"Ok" he squeaked.

"Good! then its all set" I said, a little smug.

let the games begin.

good girl gone punk Report | 08/04/2008 6:33 pm
haha im good and u
xXraven-of-deathXx Report | 08/04/2008 6:30 pm
lol yeah!

"ok so heres how were gunna do it. We go to her house, sneak in through the back and a bullet through the skull should do. Were gunna have to run from the police for a while, but I think we'll manage" I say with complete assurance.

"Lets do THIS!" I shout.

*army tanks that have the words 'Stephenie Meyer must die' on them. I smile evilly and hop into one. Stephenie, here I come.

lol..I love pertending..so much funn...
xXraven-of-deathXx Report | 08/04/2008 8:23 am
aww im sorry dude User Image

maybe ill take u to one for ur 13th bday..haha

ok ok so im going through a very horrible stage right now..

i just read breaking dawn {i got a great deal on it, it was only 15$) and--and...im disapointed.

It was horrible dude...im so ******** disipointed in the book that ive been crying..ughhh

-flash back-

*reading*: "Bella, Its Carisle. Whats going on?"

"I--" I wasnt sure how to answer. Would he laugh at my conclusion, tell me I'm crazy? Was I just having another colorful dream? "I'm a little worried about Edward...can vampires go into shock?"

"Has he been harmed?" Carisle's voice was suddenly urgent.

"No, no," I assured him. "Just...taken by surprise"

"I don't understand, Bella."

"I think...well, I think that...maybe...I might be..." I took a deep breath. "Pregnant"

*done reading*

I dropped the book in complete and utter horror. She WHAT!?

I was pissed.

"MOM!" I hollered. "Wheres the gun? Im gonna shoot stephenie Meyer!" I shouted, fury taking over me.

My mom burst into the room. "Whats going on?" she demanded. "BELLA IS PREGANT! bella cannot be PREGNANT! she is frickin human and Edward is freakin Vampire VAMPIRES DO NOT GET HUMANS PREGNANT!" I continued to ramble on.

"calm down" my mom ordrered.

"Calm down? CALM DOWN!? stephenie Meyer just RUINED the whole entire series for me! I will NOT calm down!" I shouted.

"Just read the rest of the book, maybe it will get better" she suggested calmly.

"Fine" I said as calmy as I could, getting back to reading.

5 hours later

"MOM ITS GETTING WORSE!" I screamed. My mom comes in, eyes half open. "I dont care, it'll have a happy ending" she muttered sleepily, leaving the room.

"Yeah right" I muttered under my breath.

MOnday, August 04. 7:29 am

I shut the book, my eyes wide. Why me? I thought to myself. I hate you Stephenie Meyer, I cursed her name in my brain.

I sat there for a good half hour, thinking about how much Stephenie Meyer had ruined my life.


*sigh*...my life has been a living hell dude.


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