"Everyone sees who I appear to be but only a few know the real me. You can only see what I choose to show but there's so much more you just don't know."

My Dream Avatars, sweatdrop
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User Image "Nightmare"
User Image "Faust"
User Image "Pyro Master"

Here are some Wise Sayings..

"Greatest Suggestion for Lovers..
Dont miss it..
Dont Love the One who is beautiful in the world...
but Love the one who Makes ur world Beautiful...."

"True Saying -
99 percent of our problems
are created by 1 percent of
our careless decisions...."

"A great sentence in Forbes magazine:
always remember,
money is not everything in life,
make sure u earn sufficient b4 thinking such nonsense"

and last thing

"Just three steps to
Enjoy life
1.Control Urself
2.Look for Alternative solution
3.Delete the situation which give you tension"



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Remember, It Is Easy To Say, That You Love Someone When You Really Dont But Its Really Very Very Difficult To Say, ...That You Dont Love The Person When You Really Do.

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I'm not S I N G L E And ...I'm not T A K E N . I'm simply on R E S E R V E For the O N E That has my H E A R T...

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VanillaCreamDelights Report | 10/31/2010 12:08 am
forget i said anything
VanillaCreamDelights Report | 10/28/2010 11:39 am
no. your avi's kinda revivaling tho and you have to taste. eek
VanillaCreamDelights Report | 10/26/2010 5:03 am
are you christian? i just ask becase your avi has a cross. question
ChilaXx Report | 10/02/2010 12:42 am
Mag Dodonate ka???? Salamat!!!!! xd
ChilaXx Report | 10/02/2010 12:34 am
Ayaw sige pangutana lagehh cool xp wink
Ako ni tanan uy ...Karon pa ko mangayo..5k lng behh
ChilaXx Report | 10/02/2010 12:07 am
Grabehh..Ang dami mo ng Dream Avis ahh
ChilaXx Report | 09/29/2010 1:35 am
Ibutang ang Url sa "About Me" sa imong Profile para maka change ka sa About me nara ang Link Click HERE
ChilaXx Report | 09/29/2010 1:27 am
walang ano man hehe
ChilaXx Report | 09/29/2010 1:16 am
Click HERE
ChilaXx Report | 09/28/2010 3:35 am
Syempre taga Cebu ko..Hehehe..........Huy naa koy TIP: Paghimo ug DReam avi ..Ibutang sa Signature nimo......Unya Pag post sa ChatterBox na Magpadonate ka.. mag Donate lagehh na sila nimo..Hehe