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Registered: 06/10/2005

Gender: Female

Location: Australia

Birthday: 12/17

Occupation: Full time WGer, Part time Q&Aer, Casual roamer.

xox Candy~

See you later, everyone!
Stay safe, keep smiling, think positive and always remember that you're irreplaceable.
Thank you all for the past few years of memories.

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Goodbye, dear hearts!

Dearest WG family and friends,
I'm not the greatest with words and even worse with farewells but it's time for me to leave Gaia. I don't see myself returning for the foreseeable future so I feel like this must be said.

Thank you for accepting me into the Word Games family all those years ago.
Thank you for giving me a place on Gaia to call home, where I could say and do anything knowing you wouldn't judge me for it (my fascination with man-wives and abs...? Haha~).
Thank you for trusting me enough to share your stories and troubles with me.
Thank you for depending on me and letting me depend on you for things ranging from real life advice to Gaia fashion advice.
Thank you for all the late nights spent posting and giggling over your posts.
Thank you for the ridiculous conversations and crazy things that happened in Towns/Virtual Hollywood (beard parties, anyone? Hehe~).
Thank you for helping me achieve the things I promised myself "I must do at least once on Gaia": placing in the Avatar Arenas, finishing an item quest, hosting an event and joining the Gaia staff.
Thank you for always being willing to give so much of yourselves to your fellow WGers; hosting events for us to gather and have fun, making threads in event forums where we could gather, creating art threads to collect art for your fellow WGers, drawing art for each other, celebrating birthdays and just being so selfless in general!

It has been a privilege and my greatest fortune to have met and spent these past few years with you all. Through all the laughs, the cries (from laughing too hard) and the cringes (from being linked to the UrbanDictionary definitions of words I'd never heard before), you've been there with me and I thank you for it. You've helped me grow more than you'll ever know and I hope that while I leave Gaia with fond memories of you, you'll also have some good memories shared with me.

"Because I knew you, I have been changed for good." emotion_bigheart

My eternal adoration and love,

9th of September, 2014.


The delicious background art on my profile was drawn by the extremely talented BOMB4Y!

Officer Russell-Peters
Yes Candy, it is a conspiracy against you. The entire WG is in on it. We plan to expose you for the gorgeous hunk of a guy you are. :I

Suddenly A User
It's scary when I think about it. When I play that WG. It's like No.. they aren't really nibbling Sau.

but when it's Candy I can picture it D;

Candy, on the other hand, will banish all cute Asian boys into the realms of unhotness and take all tall, un-Nicholas-Cage-like blond men as man-wives. Our chastity is in jeopardy.

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You...are so demented D': Probably the most demented person in the WG, but no one can tell since you dress all innocently and stylishly.

Cynanide Candy, from my understanding, is the mother of all wicked WG'ers. I can't see a reason she'd want it any other way...

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So. You ask me whether Cyanide Candy should be loved or fear.
'n fortunately for you, I have the answer.
She should be feared, my friend.
But why, Puppet! Why should this little blond angel be feared!
I shall answer you, curious one.
It is because she is the epitome of evil.
She has powerful tendrils of wickedness that can manipulate reality as you know it, distort it into her own version,
And she will destroy you.
Why, just yesterday I was a victim of this!
Yesterday my own soul was practically sold to her, 'n another certain woman who won't be named here...
And another time, she threatened me with a mace because I choose the wrong hockey team.
And yet another time, on my BIRTHDAY, I received bloody rabbit slippers in the mail. Bloody rabbits!
My point is...
The answer is feared. Remember it...

/She wears a smile every day
For she lives a life of crime
She knows every technique ever made
And has been doing this since the dawn of time
/Covered in blood, sweat and tears
She knows nothing of pain
Knowledgeable beyond her years
There's nothing to lose and everything to gain
/From stealing candy to eating rabbits
Her reputation has but grown
Yes she's gotten a lot of bad habits
But she'll never leave her big, fat throne
/She's too good at what she does
And does it with a certain flair
She's best friends with the fuzz
But only because they're scared
/Nobody's brave enough to save the city
She rules every single town
Maybe if you tell her that she's pretty
She won't throw us all down
/Someone save us, someone please
Oh how I beg to get away from here
Do your best to appease
Or the punishments will become more severe


Thank you all for your birthday gifts, Christmas gifts and Anon gifts to Candy! She sends out a piece of her candy heart to each of you. Seriously, you guys are beast. I can change my avatar every few days like an OCD fashionista because of all your generosity. ♥

2nd Lt - Entomophobia, Stainless M1911 Sidearm
AdrianKILGANNON - Mythrill Halo
allthingshuman - Kiss Mood Bubble, Christian Siriano's Purple Black Gown, Gothic Butterfly, Seracila Pendant, Mlle Butterfly, Azuramella, Firebreather, Fortune Teller's Trade, Accessoires de Cirque, The Big Top, Aerial Ribbon Dancer, Mister Giraffiday, Ghoul's Acre, The Widow, Gilt Thorns, The Bird Bridge, Les Freaks
Anonymous benefactor - Angry Vein Mood Bubble
Anonymous benefactor - Secret Butterflies
Anonymous benefactor - Starmony, The Experiment, Aquarium Tubeworm, Aquarium Background (Mountain)
Anonymous benefactor (WG Secret Santa 2010) - Call of Anubis
Anonymous benefacter (WG July Secret Santa 2011) - Yokai's Treasure, Blue Dark Elf Thigh Boots, Purple Dark Elf Thigh Boots
Anonymous benefactor (WG Secret Santa 2011) - Warzones, Messy Eater, Queen of Death
Anonymous benefactor (WG July Secret Santa 2012 'Thorn') - Aeon's Spark, Long-Stem Black Rose, Scenic Quest, Rosa Decora
Anonymous benefactor (WG Secret Santa 2012) - Astra-39: Candlelight Embrace, Silver Sapphire Vaddanam, Demon Manifest, Sickly Triplet, Daring Diamond
Anonymous benefacter (WG June Secret Santa 2013) - Lady Katrinn, Marooned Wench
Anonymous benefactor - Snow Maiden
Anonymous benefactor - Jolly Hot Cocoa
Anonymous benefactor - Cherry Feel Better Lolly
Anonymous benefactor - Chocolate Pie Slice
Anonymous benefactor - Walking Dead Grab Bag
Anonymous benefactor - Single Purple Daisy: Yellow Bouquet
Anonymous benefactor - Lump of Black Coal
Anonymous benefactor (the 'Rogue') - I swear I've received something else from you at Valentines too! - Monarch Gown by Dernier*Cri
Anonymous benefactor (Poetic anon. Teehehe~) - The False Prince Crown
Anonymous benefactor (Horror Twins Dante & Ariel) - Burning Book, Bloody Arm Bandage, Silver Lighter, Orange Yellow Flame Spiral Arm Tattoo
Anonymous benefactor - Rule Breaker
Anonymous benefactor - Scar of the Warrior
Anonymous benefactor - Silver Sapphire Vaddanam, Violet Tropical Dancer Top, Violet Tropical Dancer Skirt, Violet Tropical Dancer Headband
Anonymous benefactor - Rogue Narok
Anonymous benefactor - Summer of the Shark
Anonymous benefactor - Onigiri
Anonymous benefactor - Pearls
Anonymous benefactor - Madam Zelle
Anonymous benefactor - Blue Sweetheart Teddy
Anonymous benefactor - Witch Bubble
Anonymous benefactor - Pearl Necklace
Archidequesa Akako - Navy Serafuku Skirt, Brown Serafuku Skirt, Black Serafuku Skirt, Snow White Rivet Heels, Pink Champagne Glass, Lady Chimes
Avid Desire - 50k Gaia Gold
BOMB4Y - Pie Cape, Shepherdess de l'Agneau, Starbright Sweeper, Aqua Tropical Dancer Headband, Serene Green, Aqua Tropical Dancer Top, Astrostella, Orchid Pink Flower Bunch, Red Snowflake Scarf, Tufted Cream Peony Hair Clip, Black Butler: Madam Red, Optical Illusion, Seven Day Love, Checkmate Tactics Counter, Candy Hearts, Ranunculus, Gabriel's Wings, Volant Reverie x2, Princess of Cakes, April Birthstone Streaks
II-BUTCHA-II - Der Sandmann
Carpe Noctem Vixen - Black Ice Weaponry, Gym Warrioress, Scenic Tea Party
Christophermint - Fire Flower
Cie Corpse - Stupendous Strawberry
Coldheart Rainer - Lady Longshot
constantLogic - Tall Paper Lantern Pink, Plastic Commando, Rappers Battle Outfit
Countess Kinoko - Militia Stars Air Force, Plumeria Headpiece, Red Babushka, Mystery of the Stolen Sapphires, Reaptor Horns, Milkbunodon Horns, Mini Chequer, Purple Konpeito, Southtown Ghost Story, Witch Double, Cupcake Cutie, Queen of Lilacs
Cypher The Cake Pirate - Poltergeist Priest Talisman
Decadent Delirium - Passionate Vocalist, Pale Triplet, Band of Bremen, Ghastly Triplet
EatMeWhileImAlive - Gold Milady Cauls, Black Skeleton Mask, Soft Pink Underwear, Candy Corn Cupcake, Pink Fanny Pack, Digital SLR Camera
For no real reason - The Rose of Versailles, Ilmacchiato, Sable Monarch, Tales of Adventure
gummybazooka - Cecilia's Circlet
Harukani - Sally The Rubber Ducky
Heine Westenfluss
II Hikaru Matsumoto II - Black Dark Elf Thigh Boots
Hoanghu Moon - 400 Gaia Gold
If Only I Was A Slinky - Raider Shih's Garment
iHAINECROSS - Class Headphones, Orchid Headphones, Cream Tam Beret, Gift of the Goddess, Deadly Mood Bubble, Angelic Earmuffs
iKyKy - Gift Box
illegal_exe - Cup of Punch (lime punch), Dead Man Dancing, Bloody Heist, Zombie's Feed-Me Shirt, Chain Link Belt
Indexes - Sweet Mistletoe Cupcake
iStrawbz - Azrael's Trickbox x2, Dec 09 MC
Jatel - Club Sandwich Pie
Joannosaur - Long-Stem Gilded Rose
Julio van Mustabaph - Pink Serafuku Skirt, December Birthstone Sash
Kefial - Madam Seashell's Bustier
Keiric - Zessen Fan, Sweet Sealie, Black Widow
kEwL wHiP - White Zoot Suit Tapa, Red Riding Hood, GGR, zOMG Ribbon, Louie's Valentine's Day Photo
Lev D Franco Van Reign - Equestrianism Fashion, Flowery Trellis, Astra-111: Wisteria Breeze
Lord Of Fluff - Frosty Tree Cookie
Luna Meriatchi - Skyfish Ribbons
Luna Verto - Candy Pink Sweet Lace Headband, Red Reading Glasses, Pink Fireworks Kimono Dress, Silver Milady Cauls
Luze - Overgrown City, Decoberry Gear Headband
mad.william - 109k Gaia Gold
Majikina - Martian War, Teal Serafuku Skirt, Bagel with Cream Cheese, White Tropical Dancer Top, White Tropical Dancer Skirt, Gold Ruby Vaddanam, Dyrfinna the All-Wise, Noble Nuptial Tea
Maze - Cream Rose Scarf
Micamino - 10k Gaia Gold, Scarlet Sprite, Gold Headphones, Red Sweetheart Ruffled Dress, Long-Stem Yellow Rose, Butterfly Stage Rapier, Champagne Bottle, Black Fishnet Stockings, MoMo the Monkey, Flora Roja, Cutie Clobberer, Astra-102: Blue Winking Sly Eyes
mishie bishie - Shironuri Bloom
Miss Mentis - Pink Lady Apple
Mistress Mockery - Amethyst Caribana Anklets, Ruby Caribana Anklets, Red Tropical Dancer Top
_Mya_Kohler_ - Secret Purple Butterflies, Grim Reaper
Myin - Nitemare Parasol
Nyumonster - Nouveau Autumn
On Frail Wings Of Vanity - Jul 08 MC, 20k Gaia Gold
Orgasmic Purr - Wed to Darkness, Rosamund's Revenge
Patrick Astor
Pietro Pumpkin - Treacherous Eloquent Tunic
Pikkokou - Queen Anne's Lace, Huin Seulpeum
Sage Winters - Teru Teru Bozu,G-LOL Champagne Dress, Red Tropical Dancer Skirt
Scylado - Gin the Kitty
Sexy Bellatrix - Pink Magical Giftbox and gold
Shilohh - Wind Halo
Sirocco Dawn - Larry the Rubber Ducky, Piercing Rose Rapier, Gogh Reed
Skeet Draconis - Bento Bunny (WG Halloween Poetry prize), Elegant Veil, First Frost, Black Tropical Dancer Skirt, Forest Green Rivet Heels
Skutz - Island Sherbert, Bunnihilation
SqueakyPete - Pink Serafuku Bow, Bronze Elven Armlet, Silver Elven Armlet, Gold Elven Armlet, Jade Elven Armlet
Storylab Sonicflight - Banana Pie
Strausser - 5k Gaia Gold, Feb 08 MC, Aug 08 MC
Suddenly A User - Satin Hairbow, Unibrow
Sweet Lola Bunny - Lazuline Elixir, Seraphic Bow
Taran Renard - Archangel's Blade, Nouveau Winter, Trilune's Promise, Blood Rebel's Anarchy, Crystal Box, Ivory Archer, Little Piggy Bank
The Amazing Hick - Velvetine's Reading, Alpine Woiperdinger, Queen's Emissary
The Guy Who Thought Pink - Jul 08 MC
The Hellie - 8k Gaia Gold
Tr1ck-Sh0t - Zodiacal, Phalaenopsis Bouquet, Light Magic
TwewME - 2k Gaia Gold
useo - V-Day 2k9 Heart Lollipop, Frostee Treets Raspberry Dreempop, Bocchan Dango, Astra-73: CMYKandy Sprinkles, Radioactive Stripe Jumbo Lollipop, Espresso Bean Lump-O-Sumthin, Spicy Chai Lump-O-Sumthin, Grape Stripe Jumbo Lollipop, Ghost Chocololli
Veeconia - Noel's Gift, Winter Bride, Meido Sweet Mocha Dress, Princess Kaguya, Red Sweetheart Stockings, Jul 10 MC, Surf Scarf, Flossy Fox, Sorrow's Preamble, Fall Bride, January Birthstone Sash, Tragic Melody, Vivacenote, Le Carousel, Queen Dorado, Astra-XIV: Sakura Breeze, Rose Dame de Demoiselles, Magic Mirror, Nutty Caramel Apple, Runcible Spoon, Soft Sugarlace, Carmine Seductress, Dec 12 MC, Lyndexer's Journal, Sweetheart Silver Earrings, Marooned Lass, Ruffed-Up Showgirl
All the amazing people who helped me out with my SDPlus #424 Renard quest!
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Sweeter than sugar

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OhSnapKat Report | 06/30/2017 1:06 pm
Hey girl! wink
Miss Mina Monet Report | 02/01/2017 1:05 am
Miss Mina Monet
Giiiiirl it is good to see ya (even if it's only in pixel form)
I so get how that goes i was away for eternity but now i'm back in the swing.
Sugar, Prissy, and I are eternally doing avi challenges with eachother so it stays exciting.

& I'm doing good been on a life hiatus traveled to the other side of the US for a tad,
got back in my hometown a few months ago. I'm also working on releasing a fashion line this year as well.
Lots of work for me! My sewing machine is going to explode haha

What's new with you girl? Also it's funny you show up when im doing troll avi's I remeber all the funny ones you used to make haha rofl
Veeconia Report | 01/22/2017 7:41 am
rofl i needed that laugh, thanks sis xD
Skeet Draconis Report | 01/20/2017 9:58 pm
Skeet Draconis
User ImageAll was shattered, and all but memory lost, and one memory above all others...

rofl rofl I'm picturing you sliding around the sidewalk on your belly like a penguin now~ rofl rofl

Well, my parents are retiring and want to move down there, and I'm still living at home so I'm basically luggage.

Sugs and I want to move to Charlotte anyway, and she already lives in North Carolina, so I'll be much closer to where she's at, but still not really all that close, because my parents (mostly my father) are hellbent on moving to the Outer Banks, where we've had a timeshare for vacationing for many years. It's a tourist spot and not really all that great a place to live, in my opinion, and since they are raising my nephew that also has to be taken into account. My mother was trying to talk my father into moving some place that isn't a tourist trap beach town on a barrier island, but that apparently failed. Honestly I don't think she tried very hard. But, whatever, it's their life and I'm just along for the ride so I can't complain.

Like I said, Shoogee will be much closer whenever this happens, so that's pretty awesome. S'just not where in North Carolina I want to be. xD If all goes well (not that I have much reason to think that it will) I'll get a job somewhere down there, save money and then gtfo somewhere with Sugs.

...of him who brought the Shadow and the Breaking of the World. And him they named Dragon.
Countess Kinoko Report | 01/20/2017 12:56 pm
Countess Kinoko
LOL welcome to the north Candy!! emotion_awesome heart
Just think, alternatively you could be scorching under the Australian sun right now! But slippery roads and shoveling absolutely do suck yeah. :c I"d actually rather have a foot of snow, than a few centimeters of ice down. That's the worst. Though maybe give it a few years and you'll come to love it. rofl

Aww, that sounds so lonely. I hope he hurries back home to you soon!

Ugh yeah, a billion gold really doesn't go far these days. :c I didn't have any of the Purrisienne items, but I went ahead and picked one up in purple. I'm sending it to you now. Don't worry about giving it back, it's yours to keep!~
Skeet Draconis Report | 01/20/2017 8:51 am
Skeet Draconis
User ImageAll was shattered, and all but memory lost, and one memory above all others...

rofl Yes, I am still in NY~

I love that description of ice, lol. Basically the best thing ever.

:3 Probably will be in North Carolina quite soon. On a more permanent basis. Just not in the way or for the reason that I'd like.

...of him who brought the Shadow and the Breaking of the World. And him they named Dragon.
Miss Mina Monet Report | 01/06/2017 10:31 pm
Miss Mina Monet
Do my freaking eyes decieve me omg omg when the heck did you get back on here?!!!!

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl

*screams* *faints* *farts a litte* xd
Veeconia Report | 01/03/2017 7:03 pm
naaaah, i was just bored and stuff these last few days, being sick and having to be quiet with papuii working almost everyday >.>

but if that means we talk more often than we do now, i can be back :pp

how are you, sis?
Veeconia Report | 01/02/2017 4:54 pm
on top of that, i miss you as well scream
Countess Kinoko Report | 01/01/2017 12:15 pm
Countess Kinoko
The only thing that I find that works really well is wearing spikes on the bottom of my boots. XD My own snow tires! scream
You're losing track of time already?? Tsk tsk Candy! How are things with you and Taran?? c:

No he's like, head of Gaia again! There's a sticky page in the GCD where he explains everything. It's really great! Hopefully we see some positive changes here soon. D:

Sweet Tooths