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Just thought I would show this place a bit of TLC, it has been a while..
I don't see myself as a very interesting person or feel like I have much interesting things to say, so I am a very quiet and non-opinionated person (unless it's something I really care about).
The older I get the more I realize how truly ******** up the world around us really is and how controlled it is, I really hate that.

I really enjoy talking to myself though because most of the time I'm the only one around me who really listens to me, it's very important since I don't have many friends.

I don't see myself as someone who has many friends or many enemies, which is nice, I prefer being that girl which is not defined by a silly social media profile (Gaia doesn't count because it's not THAT popular, not like how it used to be).

I love anything weird and unusual, I've really come to enjoy my different taste of style and sense of everything around me.

I'm not suicidal but death crosses my mind a lot, no shame in that.

I prefer to tell personal things to a complete stranger then to anyone close to me.

I'm starting to really enjoy anime and I love animals. They're just like people with people needs too! I also see myself as a nice person too.

Well the handful of you who really cared to read this thanks for reading. Be nice to people, you never know what another person is really going through deep down inside.