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x G Baby xo

Report | 08/15/2007 10:47 pm

x G Baby xo


i miss you so much. haha. damnn. hows the heat? hah
x G Baby xo

Report | 08/02/2007 1:15 pm

x G Baby xo

u kinda missed my practice today.. but u can go to the one tomorrow! hah its gonna be at lily's bar. hahah yeah i know.. a bar.. ask ur mommmiee if ur allowed to go or something. cuz. yeah.. its gonna be at a bar.. AT NIGHT! yeah.. i wanna know if she'll say yes to that. hahah yeah. dudeeee. im gonna be singing the three songs on my gaia profile.. yeah thats why its there. hahah
x G Baby xo

Report | 07/29/2007 6:14 pm

x G Baby xo

hiiii pookiee boo! <-- hahah ew. lol

omg r u serious! your story cant compare to mine!

my dad! he made me mow the lawn!! how gay is that!

huhhh? okayy he made me cut the grass! ew!

i smelled like grass after a long 1 hourr HOTTTTTTT mucho caliente! shower! ughh and i used a whole bottle of body wash! ew so gross!




yeah pm me or something cuz i dont want the whole world to know lol hahahah

well.. yeah.. hah awww well atleast i didnt clean the house eww! and ur house is a ******** mansion! and YOUUUU HAD TO CLEAN ALLL OF IT! User Image hahah

oh yeah come with me to six flags. i got my season pass renewed. and thank god we live like a couple miles away frm it. cuz whew! and we are gonna ride el toro once again and hope for no termites! jeeesssus! hah thats why i hate wooden roller coasters! but its death defying. and hahahah oh yeah remember this

*"people with certain body dimensions will not be able to ride this ride. so please.. GET YOUR FAT a** OUTTA THIS LINE!* hahahah that was hayyyylarious!!

pede mag sleep over for 1 nite onlyy! i misshhh yuuU!
x G Baby xo

Report | 07/28/2007 9:56 pm

x G Baby xo

lol hahah yeshhha we do!

omgg i rele do miss u!

awww. omg. hah yeahh i miss all those retarded jokes we used to say hahah.

and eww! no i dont look oo0berr shhmexxie hah ur kidding me. i dont think im pretty and how did i get pwettier over the summer?!

oh yeah hah remember this joke?

* oh wait so u have a stomach virus?

yeahh i do.

ohh so do u s**t it out? or throw it up? (<<<<----- hahahah haaayyylarious!)

oh sorry but i s**t it out.

why sorry? anorexic bitches like u need to s**t it out before you lose even more weight throwing it up***

ahahah vee's so retarded. but damnnnn shesss skinnier that a toothpick!

oh yeah and i heard she got damnnn fatter. hah i saw a pic of her and she looked like she pigged out over the summer. hahah its so creepy.

hhah ommmg! and guess what! i tld jayy to get u ---->> that thing u wanted <<----

and he was likee helll yeah ill do it. just for krystin!

i was like.. AHHHH!!! aww. how cute. u should go out with him. u guys would make a good couple. hahah aww. i can just see you guys walkin down the lane. holding hands. awww how cutee.

aww well

ill ttyl! abt ur luv is on!!
x G Baby xo

Report | 07/28/2007 9:18 pm

x G Baby xo

hah heyy krys!!

long time no talk!

i miss youuu!

well. i guess ill be seeing you in a couple weeks?

aww mannn. well. cant wait!!

loveees yaa!
Kitty Girl Suki

Report | 07/26/2007 2:21 pm

Kitty Girl Suki

welcome to gaiaif you need help don't be afraid to ask...^_^

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Welcome to Gaia! Enjoy your stay. User Image

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hi and welcome to gaia

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krystin<3 love.