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Birthday: 11/09

Koi Cx
Kinki Senpai Ayako
l- Her luser -l

My Lil Sis Irl :3 She's such a cutie c:

This is my baby right here, I love this girl so much she means a lot to me <3:*

JayPoo <3 This guy right here is my lover cx <3 Such an amazing guy to talk to.

Christine means the world to me.. Shes such a beauty queen and I love her o; <3

Sky, oh Sky. You're the best guy until I die. Lol idk I dont do poems.. or maybe I do o; Lol.. This guy right here is so amazing.. I've known him for so long and hes like my bff c: we dont talk as much as before but I still love him every much c:

Shes my sisters bff irl o; But shes still my friend and she means quiet a lot to me Love you gurlllll cx

Alec, this dude is so amazing.. Always makes me smile, idk why but he does I love you :D <3

Hello biggrin
I'll just start this out by saying my name is Karina and I'm 15, My friends call me Kitty though. I live in California and I am currently a Junior in High school. I am defiantly more on the talkative side (If I know you of course, if I don't than i struggle to make a conversation happen. I have darn brown hair and dark brown eyes, I'm 5'6 and I'm never going to grow any taller (says my doctor). I love all my friends so much, my friends are the highlights on my day really. I can be pretty annoying at time and I'm pretty easy going. I think i covered it all.. I think cx lol Add me if you'd like to talk, because one thing for sure is that I enjoy talking.. A lot.. lol
Kik: ii3picN3rd
Snapchat: epicloserr
Skype: epicloserr
Instagram: Don't have one xD
Twitter: Don't have that either.. lol c:

Any other questions? Just PM me.. or kik... Thanks for coming to my pro.