I'm no longer active. No longer who I used to be on this website and am sorry for who I was.
-If anyone somehow comes to this site knowing me from 2010. I know I made awful decisions in the groups I joined, journals I wrote, or any jokes I made about anyone or any group of people. I was young, uninformed, ignorant, and mean. I needed something that made me feel better, smarter, stronger and I turned to writing negative things about people I knew and other groups. There's no excuse for things I said and though I never said them to anyone directly there is still guilt that I cannot express and a sorriness for who i was that I will never let go. I was lead to think these things were acceptable because of influences in the online community and the other communities I was a member of at the time. I have grown up since and do all I can to act against the person 13 yo me was. I feel terrible even still for this and I want everyone to know that I have changed. I'm thankful I was able to grow out of this, to find myself now above these negative thoughts and horribly bigoted ways, and be able to feel that I am a better person. I understand there aren't excuses for how I acted and I should have known better. Just know that I detest the person I was and worked on bettering myself for years.