Name: Xepher
Alias: The Second Diviner
Weapon: Sword, Scythe
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Brown
Markings: An X-shaped scar between his eyes
Heart Status: Half
Group: Organization XIII
Mother: Kuro (Angela)
Father: Saix
Age: 18

Hello, my name is Xepher. I am the son of Siax and Kuro. I look more like my father than I do my mother, but I do have her eyes. And if you haven't noticed, I'm wearing the Organization XIII uniform. I... was a more loyal member until they decided to kidnap my childhood friend, Ami. Then, I totally turned against them. (I kinda still am a member...) Now I just live at the house (this is a big-a** house, let me tell you) with Ami, my mom, Deidara (Ami's father), Stephanie (Ami's mother), and Itachi. Although... sometimes I do sneak off to see what the Organization is up to... and to see if my father is alright... I do love my father even if he hates me... Much like my father, I get my strength from the moonlight and I can go Berserk. I try not to let that happen, though. Let's just say that I literally lose my mind... I guess that's about it... So... if you have any questions, leave a comment.

(This is a mule account. My main one is IX Demyx - Kuro)


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