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FAQ on profile may have edgy answers, it does not reflect what I am like as a whole.
Check out my shop, see if there's something you like or want.
Check out my journal, before pming me. It has some rules regarding roleplays. Yes I roleplay, big deal.


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Just some things.


Hi. Welcome to my profile. Sorry it's a tad bare but uh, it suits what I need it to be. You want to get in contact with me, use the inbox Gaia provided. Use the profile comments or just quote me. It's all you really need.

FAQ below will have some semihostile answers, do note however it is not reflective of who I am as a person. They are just answers out of frustration from questions I and others keep getting. Take that as you will, with copious grains of salt.


Q1: Do you roleplay?
A1: Yes. I do in fact roleplay. You want to set something up, ping me via private message or profile comment. Or set up a thread and quote me there.

Q2: Wanna be friends?
A2: Get to know me first, then I will consider it.

Q3: Do you talk religion, politics or government?
A3: No and I am not interested. Keep it to yourself. If you are not a part of the country that you want to talk about politics and government about, then shut up and get out. Why don't you try living here, before you start talking about where I live.

Q4: Do you use Discord/Skype/Facebook/Email?
A4: I don't have to answer this and I won't answer it. I will however say that you won't be getting this kind of info, much less any personal info from me.

Q5: What's your ASL?
A5: Refer to Question seven.

Q6: Can I have plat/free items plox?
A6: No. If I gift items, it's because I felt like it. I don't give to beggars. You can earn plat by playing the games on the site, posting in the forums, posting entries in your journal, commenting on journals and profiles, voting in the polls and selling things in the marketplace.

Q7: Lol, you're a furry. Do you yiff?
A7: I am not going to rag on you, for your avatar. So I should hope you don't jump to conclusions about me solely based on my avatar. You make an a** of yourself when you assume things about me. Helpful advice, son, just don't.

. . .

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You want the item, just make sure you can afford it. I take GC as a valid replacement for gold. Just note....I do not haggle. All sales are final and are not subject to being refunded.


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spacs Report | 04/09/2021 7:35 pm
I can understand you’ll need some time. Dont stress it. Get back whenever you’re able okay? Im extremely sorry for your loss homie :c
spacs Report | 02/25/2021 9:33 pm
hey homie, hope all is good for ya
spacs Report | 02/04/2021 5:47 am
Nah its alright, i aint stressin. Take ya time and just get back ahen you can, aight?
spacs Report | 02/01/2021 6:11 am
Yoo thats dope.
spacs Report | 01/25/2021 8:05 pm
// Initiate Interactions_Protocol...
//Requesting Communications_Relay; NeOni_OpSys//
...//Communications_Relay Granted//:>

Yo that's some fresh avi art ya got. who's your artist?

//[End Communications_Relay]//
Silox_Silvermane Report | 12/09/2020 9:38 am
You make some good outfits for your avi. 3nodding whee
Silox_Silvermane Report | 12/04/2020 8:48 am
I can understand that. You are very welcome. whee
BugLover888 Report | 12/04/2020 6:42 am
I just want to have more friends here! You don't have to accept it, it's fine lol.
Silox_Silvermane Report | 12/02/2020 2:36 pm
I think its just fair to visit each other's profiles. Lol. I like your About section. I got a good laugh. Especially your FAQ. Very cool. Enjoy your day biggrin and thanks for visiting.