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wahmbulance What you read cannot be unseen wahmbulance
I was known to be XXDEATH_VAMPIRE_SOULXX but sadly cat_sweatdrop I can't remember the password so I had to make this new one cat_redface
Cheers stare to you whoever is reading this
My name is of no importance (unless you speak to me closely) sweatdrop
I prefer to be called Xion or Jade. whee
My age? Well cat_stare aren't you wanting to know it all?
gaia_nitemareleft I'm dressed for a funeral everyday gaia_nitemareright
Simply I am a NYC sweatdrop artist girl who many say "has a heart of cold" neutral
Don't question that cat_emo
Vocalist for Intervention (find us on facebook) cat_4laugh
Drummer and Clean Vocalist for Sense of Destruction (again find us on facebook) biggrin
See already I'm in two bands possibly a third one soon emotion_facepalm
I'm not a very sociable person when meeting new people.
Music Interests you say cat_question
Metalhead cat_scream Rock cat_scream Alternative cat_scream
Favorite Food cat_exclaim
yum_strawberry yum_coldone yum_strawberrypie yum_burger yum_hotdog

exclaim Websites I use exclaim
Instagram: Xion_esmee
Twitter: @Xion_jade

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An Artist Design

Well at first I didn't think that I would create a journal on here but then I thought 'Sure why not?'. Basically what I intend to do is a few things 1) Have this journal as a character design but with gaians avatars. Explanation: As a drawer I'm

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