We put on a mask show to keep distance...

Info of Xiled Realms
- You can call me Xile or Xi, my name doesn't matter.
- I've grown up within a strange way, that helps me see things from alternate views.
- Seeing people hurt others for fun annoys me.
- Mostly a sad romantic.
- Dislike hurting people.
- Won't smoke or drink, but don't dislike those who do.
- spend most my time with animes, video games, and sleeping.
- I love eating for the reason of finding new tastes and textures to explore.
- I've been through dark times so if I seem closed off thats why.
- We all have our own scars, I just hide mine well enough.
- If you wish to know much more feel free to ask.

I guess I can say that I despise like my solitude..