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Fave Viddy~


Some Statistics~

Name: Alphonse Elric
DOB: The exact date it unknown, but it is in March 1900.
Age: Movie; 13, Original Series; 14-15 Brotherhood; 14-17
Birthplace: Resembool; Amestiris
Relations: Edward /brother; Trisha /mother; Van /father; Winry /sister-in-law; un-named /niece and nephew
First Appearance: Episode 1/ both series'; Chapter 1

Hair color: Original; Gold-ish/slightly brownish. Brotherhood; Gold
Eye color: Original; Brown. Brotherhood; Goldish-Green
Clothes: Armor; Red coat like Ed's and a black and white undershirt; gloves; dark brown shoes; or a regular old everyday outfit.
Hair style: Movie; Long, tied back in a pony-tail/clean cut. Brotherhood; Long and un-kept/clean cut.

Studying Alchemy
Learning new things
Fulfilling promises
Acheiving goals
To be praised

Being called robot. ono
Being called a tin can. =n=
Hurting kitties!
Breaking promises
Giving up
Not having a body
HATAAAHHZZ (loltotallyOOC)

(I'll be in character sometimes, but you will definetly find me OOC often if you talk to me while I'm with my friends. o 3o;; But even with them I'll be in character.. Just a little though~ Sometimes. xD; Talk to me~ o uo)


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Good Friends

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† Machinery Mahem
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† Quietly Loud
† Edu Erurikku
† Forte Love
† Quietly Dying
xIIx-Alphonse Elric-xIIx

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Dis is mah quest~ >8D