So the names Sabrina.
Cake Day:July 25
Well whats there about me?Hmmmm...Well I have a wiffey named Monica in RL.She is my bestest friend.I mostly go on here and I also go on myspace.
Well all my pets are gone!!!! crying
But there not dead.My dad gave them away cause we couldn't take better care of them.But we are getting another dog!!!YaY!!!!Well I go to a kinda ''cool'' school.I don't go there to learn I go there for friends!!!I don't have a boyfriend cause my wiffey Monica will KiLl Me!!!:O[/green]
Well I ain't that rich and.....
♥!!And I'm Proud!!♥
Well thats all I have to say bout myself......FoR nOw
Note to self:
*Pictures of me will be posted shortly.

im so lonleyer than ever cus no one ever texts me SOO ^-^ heres my # for all you stalkers! BUT! no calling meh cus i got minutes only text, and tell me your name and that ur from gaia kk WAIT! i noticed that im going to get rapes soo! if you want my number ask me ill PM you it k! luvs all ya!