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Hello everyone my name is XIIISouls, but you can call me Souls.

Im 16 years old I was born in the month of April making me a Aries (the best zodiac) I am hispanic/latino and since I live with a very Mexican family I became very fluent in spanish. On my free time I will be on ZOMG DMS if I want to or just walk around. If I'm not on Gaia I'm usually reading, playing instruments or even cooking/baking.

Hope to see you around if I meet you~


Woah, that was quite a few years ago.

Call it a blast-from-the-past, lets update it.

My name is Enrique Rivera (Oh dear my name has been said)
Much has changed from then to now, and it will continue to change.
I am 18 years old now, I attend a University. TWU to be specific, my major is Biochemistry and even though it is currently my first year, I am enjoying it so much.
I still cook and bake, and I am much better than before. I don't read as much as I would like too, because of school but, I find times where I can. Although I never specified what instrument I played the saxophone, sadly not anymore. Instead I play the Piano.
Now for the new thing!
Pre-Med has become a passion and a goal of mine.
I play League of Legends
Board games are a new interest
I had a growth spurt between then and now. (6 feet)
I love musicals, and plays.
I now know Spanish and German.
and much more.

Things have changed, but my personality has not changed one bit. I am still very friendly and open. So don't be afraid to PM me if you want to know me better. Until then have a great day.

"There are only good days and great days. Never bad days"

XIII Souls

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Hello I am XIII Souls! Welcome to my store~

you can send a calculated trade and labeled trade to me for a 3% on items below 900k and a 2% on items above 1mill.
Please make sure you don't lowball if you're looking to negotiate on items, I wont accept 2mill off of an item worth 5mill

I do take offers~

Man with this inflation, that old pricing wont due. Im not sure how selling works, so my store will be closed for the time being.
Either way, welcome to my store, nothing is up yet, but dont worry things will be up there one day. Ill figure out pricing when the time comes. Im usually very cheap compared to other people so Ill try to fair.

Also seems that Apostrophes still dont work.


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