Meh Stalkers:)


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My life has changed.

Me and my friends.


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Welcome to my store. I don't appreciate haggling messages. I try to sell below the economy's inflation anyway, so no haggling.


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Meh life :)

Hai my name is Ashley. Things you should now: I have issues, and Im bi-polar. I'm pretty shy, but if you know me, I am really outgoing and crazy. I also have trust issues, but I trust my friends, family, and thats about it. I am currently taken as of ♡11.14.10♡ and loving it.<3 I love him,

Donators: Halen123, EveraniX1013,XxPapercut KissesxX

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Total Value: 404,658 Gold
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Item List:
Enchanted Book 9th Gen.
Spring Nymph
Flower Ankle Bands
Flower Wrist Band
Green Body Dye
Spring Nymph
Spring Nymph
Adventurine And Milk Quartz Earrings
Adventurine And Milk Quartz Necklace
Fairy Wand
Fairy Wand
Fairy Shoes
Oculus Magica
Fairy Cloth

My Angelic dream avi: ;D

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Total Value: 770,094 Gold
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Item List:
Yellow Candy Striped Stockings ~Got~
Kitty Slippers
Egyptian Gold Anklet (right)
Egyptian Gold Anklet (left)
Golden Sparkles
Pure White Sweet Lace Dress
Pure White Sweet Lace Headband
Masquerade 7th Gen.
Angelic Manner
Tiny Pixie Wings


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dearest emily Report | 08/11/2010 7:43 pm
dearest emily
XxIAteGayCheriosxX Report | 06/19/2010 5:51 pm
isn't his comment soooooo sweet?!!! <3 <3 i'm in love!!!!
XxIAteGayCheriosxX Report | 06/13/2010 8:35 am
Ashley- i'll do whetever it takes to see u again. and we can still talk so its not like we aren't friends just cuz u have to go to greenbrier. and i talked to her. please drop it cuz i'm trying to figure this out and i think i'm getting somewhere.
dearest emily Report | 05/28/2010 10:33 am
dearest emily
gasp! same here! i i feel so relieved lol
dearest emily Report | 05/25/2010 5:26 pm
dearest emily
hahaha its ok smile and thanks smile ive been good wbu???
Schpunkiiee Report | 03/18/2010 4:52 pm
II Dria II Report | 10/17/2009 7:36 pm
II Dria II
I wish you all the luck in the world and more sweetie.
I can see it means a lot to ya. ^^

II Dria II Report | 10/10/2009 5:06 pm
II Dria II
Aww. I'm sorry sweetie. :/
I hope you get more members.
I'd join, but I don't role play like I used to.

II Dria II Report | 10/10/2009 1:28 pm
II Dria II
Pretty good.
How goes your guild?

II Dria II Report | 10/09/2009 7:43 pm
II Dria II
Hey. How are you?

Somber Scarlet

Add her, she's amazing(: