The art in my profile
was done by drkwithin and toxic quiditty.

So i figure it's high time i update my profile for the vistors.

My Name is really non of your concern.
My age, is around "time to get off gaia but Razz says no". But if you must really know i'm ....rawr...did i scare you yet?
I am married and very happy with my husband, even with the ups and down.

I'm usually at work when i'm on gaia, to pass the boredom.
No i don't need another self proclaimed Best Friend anymore. Best friends sucks a**. I can live without thank you talk2hand
I do like just friends....those who come and go and talk and keep me company. 3nodding

If you play MH then i don't mind playing that game with you!
Cause i'm kind of addicted to that game.

I'm not super smart so if you do decide to use these gynormous words such as "cymotrichous", which means wavy hair, i'll ignore your a**. I'll consider you smart for holding a normal conversation with me.

I'm cruel mean and a a** sometimes, other times i'm a retard running around gaia and laughing my head off at stupid s**t.

I'm an artist.....so if you do ask for art....it'll look like s**t. So don't expect something kick a**. I also like recieving art...so if your a super extreme artist that likes giving freebies away....i love you.

I do love video editing...if you have a crap load of avi art and want it in a video with music...then email me : XiaoAkuma@gmail.com
I'll do my best in creating something for you....if not i'll let you know i can't do jack for you.

(Have at least 100 pictures. The more the better. <3)


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Aww so you're preggers?! You little rabbit you! Lmaoo. I bet you have so much fun. Dang the time has just gone. I feel like I'm still to young for kids lol but I think its just I want to still be free lol

Thank you. I like to make cutesy avis. Did you see your art? I need something of this avi sitting on her star heart

Feel better sweetie. I really miss you. And hanging out in your stream with all the crazies rofl

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I've been great! Not married lol. But we still live together. I'm happy. We bought a house last year. So I'm having fun decorating it.

Ok so a baby!!! Wow is been forever since I talked to you! Sorry you're sick. Tell me about your life now?

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OMG! How are you?! It's been forever. I came back and everyone is gone or changed their user and I don't know them lol.

So tell me about you. What are you doing now?

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Miss you heart
Helina Soultaker

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Helina Soultaker

hehe thanks -hugs

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What... Reallyyy? O.O I didn't even notice XD but it's still beautifulll!! >w<
I want to experiment with my avi but I fail XD

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Nottt, your avi from before was a pink shiney angelll >w<!!
Helina Soultaker

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Helina Soultaker

awwws -hugs- i am pretty alright

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My avatar always look like the sameeee =[


I don't draw anymore XP
questing: Artemis Divinity I'm 4mil away gonk
my life is complete! cause Cutestrosity loves me <3
Married <3