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Ayy thiis yaa yooung giirl tORI eveeryoonne shouuld knoo mee iff yaa don'tt ya anit impoortant! I'm haccking my 5star chick xDD (No homo) send luv all heer waay wee been together aa loong time no fightss at all. Thiis is my maiin chiick a truu3 a** friiennd I can depend on. She goot my baqq and I got her's fuuckked da hater'z they cann suck myy broothdaas ballz.. Lmao... Leeet mee gooo for thiis chiick thiink iiim hacckiiin here for realls lmao!! Bye sending luv you Star!!

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Ayee this ma girl Amber hackin ma sista Saia page. . .imma this 5 star chick called II- Angelic Amber -II. . .
If you f0ck with Saia best to believe you gonna be somewhere you and myself is happy. . .
well for yall lame a** people
am out. . .
lovee you Saia

My Uncle
YO YO YO THIS YO BOI JAMIEEEEEE! yea! iiihgt well imma hackin yoh gurl saia's pro! listen dis gurl is great 2 listen nd she rlly fun! YALL NEEDA GET ONE THING STRAIGHT ND THT IS: IF YALL f** WIT MEH CHICKA WIT HER FEELINGS, HEART, LUV, I PROMISE IMMA BOOT MY FOOT UP YOOH AZZ THEN WHILE IM DOIN THT STICK MY OTHA FOOT DOWN UR THROAT ND WHILE IM DOIN THT SLICE YO AZZ IN2 A CALIFORNIA CASSEROLE I SWEAR DNT f** WIT DIS CHICKA! dis gurl jst got married nd lets jst say if she didnt........WELL IM JST GONNA SAY DAT SHE MY FUTURE WIFEY! lol well dats it yall aint gonna noe meh nd if yall do dnt f** wit meh or imma f** bk nd yall aint want dat! well....only 4 da ladies whoo wanna u noe get freaky..see my face closer...my chest....my boxers...IIHGT SOWIE I AINT GETTIN IN2 JUICY V.I.P. DETAILS BUT YOOH GONNA HAVE 2 BE IN DA V.I.P 2 GET 2 NOE MY BODY PARTS! IIGHT lyke isaid dnt f** wit dis beautiful chicka she lyke a sista 2 meh! iihgt duces...adiaos....bye...lve her pro..give us some bro nd sis nf husband time...oo ok i found da rite word! THIS YO BOI JAMIEEEEEEE GOIN "POOF" BBY U NOE DAT I MISS U I JST WANNA KISS U...POOF! MY SIGNATURE IS= SHE WUZ A FAKE JST LYKE A STUFFED BRA!

Karen/My gaia daugther/Best Friend

mmk http://i878.photobucket.com/albums/ab347/LoV3_DiiSbXtCh/Decorated images/WedMar17210637PDT2010-1-3.gif Dis be her gaia bestie and daughter karen Saia is a happy person... ok sometimes lawl she funny weird and even though she aint my mom she cares bout anybody fuhk wit her ima mess up yo freakin face like mashed patatos and cut off yo legs and feed them to meh pet snakes > saia make sure dey keep der hands off of u...KISS OUR DANG SLIPPERS IF YA DONT APPRECIATE MY WURDS HATER$ >:]

- Yo bestie and gaia daughter,Karen

My Wfiey/Best Friend on here Jordan
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Erik Life

Report | 10/20/2012 7:33 pm

Erik Life

Saia, i just got one and saw yu been on recently (months ago) this Erik. If yu ever do get back on just for day or so, message me at my new gaia it call Deezil. better yet i want get yo cell so we can text, been a while since we talk,

Report | 05/05/2012 7:06 pm


This is Karen Boo ! How you been? Idk i looked on someone's random profile and saw my hack , so
I knew it was you. Add me Bby Cakes ! "
x Toxic Boner x

Report | 10/06/2011 9:31 pm

x Toxic Boner x

ill try ahaa
x Toxic Boner x

Report | 10/05/2011 9:24 pm

x Toxic Boner x

i been iiqht haahaa
jushh trynaahh makee it in lifee likee yuuhh
itsz been hardd buuhht im makin it..
x Toxic Boner x

Report | 10/03/2011 6:01 pm

x Toxic Boner x

Sweet Ahaa( :
x Toxic Boner x

Report | 10/03/2011 3:28 pm

x Toxic Boner x

jushh chillin ahhaa
howvee yuuhh been??
x Toxic Boner x

Report | 09/30/2011 9:52 pm

x Toxic Boner x

SAIAAA!!!!!!!!!!!( :

Report | 09/17/2011 7:38 pm


happy b-day saia

Report | 08/17/2011 5:30 pm


Hey text me 407-473-1097 I got new iphone
xTame the Stars

Report | 12/12/2010 9:11 pm

xTame the Stars

So far it looks good....when I mean that I'm working on it is, to buy good items to use in the near future ^ ^ lol


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Я цябе кахаю
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Ik hou van jou

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